Needed: Down to Earth average dads plus entourage to make Ruben work!

The Coram Parents Centre, part of the Thomas Coram Trust, has been wondering if there are any more papas and their offspring hiding somewhere, perhaps?

Maybe you are too shy to wage it out into the open with that pink nappy bag?

Don’t worry you are not alone.  The economic crisis has meant that many more dads can be seen doing partial or full child care these days.  And it is more politically correct to be seen to share parental responsibilities with your partner or wife.  So Coram likes to invite you to join the Coram’s father’s group, an under-5 years,  play-and-talk drop-in.  It’s free, it’s special, it’s fun,  running now every Monday between 16.00 and 18.00.  It is a casual drop in so you can come and go when you like.

The group is nothing else but a dad equivalent to the usual mum’s group, just enabling your average dad to meet your other average dad, whilst the little ones have the whole Coram parent centre to party, play with or destroy… (Make Ruben work for his money!  He is the child and play worker who does the tiding up on his own later).  The group allows dads to network, will give mums a two hour break, and above all you can simply feel great about being a dad, without being judged or watched by suspecting mums, waiting for you to drop that milk-bottle.   Come and be part of that local and growing community of happy dads (male carers included) link up, exchange, talk business, football or politics, or discuss cheapest nappies and best children gadgets.  If you are working, well worth to ask for an earlier finish every Monday and allow mum to chill out.

Any dad accompanied by a child is welcome.

Coram Community Campus All Rights Reserved
49 Mecklenburgh Square

Ask for Ruben Flores, Child and Play Worker,  E-Mail,

M. 07847 224 290

More Details see below:

Fathers Drop-in Poster 2012

Dad Group at Coram, every Monday 16.00-18.00!!

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2 Responses to Needed: Down to Earth average dads plus entourage to make Ruben work!

  1. What a great idea! Am neither a father nor a mother, but wish you the best of luck with this idea.
    Best wishes,


  2. After running successfully for over half a decade this drop-in recently closed due to budgetary cuts imposed on Camden by the Consertive-led government. A real shame and a great loss to the borough. My two kids and I have all enjoyed dropping by over the last five-years. I made many good friends there. And I owe a debt of gratitude to Coram, who hosted the drop-in, and to all the dedicated staff who help make going so much fun.

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