4 York Way in the news again…

4 York WayThe Bulletin Board recently received the following information from Dave Fordham, Service Manager of Trading Standards and I thought it would be of interest to all local residents.

On 10 May 2011 DJD Retail trading as Bookshop at 4 York Way, N1 was inspected by Islington Council Trading Standards and Licensing team. 377 DVDs and 21 videos were seized.  The sole officer of the company, David Darbo, had previously been provided with advice about obtaining a sex shop licence and  the provisions of the Video Recordings Act 2010. Samples of the DVDs were  examined by the BBFC.  One was found to be classified R18 and the rest were found to be unclassified.  The shop did not have a sex shop licence.  

On 19 January Mr Darbo was sentenced at Highbury Magistrates Court; receiving a fine of £3,150 and £1464 costs. DJD Retail Ltd was fined £100 and £15 costs. 

The shop has now closed and Islington no longer have any unlicensed sex shops.

According to David, the place is now up for sale, however Trading Standards continues to keep an eye on it!

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