And here comes number eight!

Another convenience store has just opened along Kings Cross Road.  The new store is located on the site of the former red-light Sauna and situated opposite the Cling hostel (former Clerkenwell Magistrate Court).  It is currently selling a range of convenience goods and as stated to me by an assistant within in two or three weeks will also be selling alcoholic drinks.   If one also counts the convenience store on the corner of Kings Cross Road and Frederick Street, there are now a total of eight stores on Kings Cross Road between the start of Kings Cross Road along Pentonville Road and the point where Kings Cross Road becomes Farringdon Road that sell a similar  range of convenience groceries, alcohol and with some also acting as news-agents .

Just how many such stores could be too many, though?  Personally I am not exactly excited by yet another store that sells over the counter alcohol, and over-priced groceries but what do others think?



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2 Responses to And here comes number eight!

  1. DerekMcAuley says:

    I think you are right to be concerned. There is already a significant drink problem in Kings Cross and the availability of cheap alcohol is of of the driving forces. It actually draws people into the area and results in anti-social behaviour. A a local resident a few doors along from the new shop we certainly don’t need a new convenience store.

  2. Leah Dixon says:

    I am disappointed to see that the regeneration of Kings Cross around the stations is not having a positive influence on this area. I live off Kings Cross road and my 13 year old daughter walks along it to get to EGA school. There are always street drinkers around the area due to all the cheap alcohol being sold from these shops. I think the betting shop and all the hostels on the road contribute to the street being one I wish my daughter could avoid. I have posted on this site and contacted local police about the increase in street drinking, prostitution, rough sleepers and beggers in this part of Kings Cross over the last year. I would love to see the regeneration create more than this displaced, transient comunity of students, commuters, tourists and the more salubrious characters. I keep my fingers crossed for the day that places like Day by Day, Konstam and Acorn House stay open and no more hotels, bars, student accomodation, hostels or convenience stores open!!

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