Kings Cross through the eyes of a contemporary artist – Gwendi Klisa

The professional illustrator Gwendi Klisa  has been a Kings Cross resident for several years now.  I recently came across her art-work via her web-site and discovered some beautiful and recent illustrations of Kings Cross.  Feeling passionate about Kings Cross she kindly agreed that I may publish two of the drawings here. Gwendi explains:

“King’s Cross / St. Pancras is densely populated. But its communal aspects and distinct identities are often overlooked by the passing crowds.”

She felt that Kings Cross would actually be a very alive part of London, and that she experiences it changing rapidly. This is why she decided to document Kings Cross’s diverse neighbourhoods starting with Caledonian Road.  She continued:

“The whole area is fascinating. It has a transient quality to it, is choking in traffic and always littered with the leftovers of nighttime revelers. However, once you get to know the place it has a very appealing and friendly vibe to it. It is full of energy and the people who live here seem to have a great sense of belonging, no matter where they came from.”


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