All night openings around Kings Cross

Following the posting on Anytime Fitness in Pentonville Road yesterday, here are the other “any-time open” contenders for Kings Cross:  The following shops and coffee-bars are open 24/7 or nearly around the clock at Kings Cross.  Pictures from left to right starting at the top:

Anytime Fitness – Kings Cross Road

Cost Cutter Convenience Store- Euston Road

Cost Cutter Convenience Store- Pentonville Road

Costa Coffee Bar – St. Pancras Station (note that some entrances to the station are closed over night)

Mc Dondalds – corner of York Way / Pentonville Road (nearly 24h)

Netstream – Internet Cafe, Pentonville Road

Scala – Night Club (some weekend events all night), The Hurricane pool and snooker club under the Scala is open 24×7 (thanks to James for updating).

Starbucks – St. Pancras Station (currently being refurbished)

Correction:  The 24/7 BP Connect Station at Goods Way no longer exists (Thanks Tony for correction on this one)

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8 Responses to All night openings around Kings Cross

  1. tony o'ceallaigh says:

    FYI – The eye sore that was the BP station on Goods Way is history!

    • Daniel Zylbersztajn says:

      Thanks Tony for correcting me, BP was the only place I didn’t go to take a pic – already corrected.

  2. James Melly says:

    The Hurricane pool and snooker club under the Scala is open 24×7. You have to be a member but they offer daily membership for £3.

  3. Daniel Zylbersztajn says:

    James thanks, I added it in behind the Scala entry. Wow, sounds like a feature in its own right? Any chance for a report with pictures about this corner at Kings Cross unknown to some?

  4. Clare Hill says:

    Glad I asked, thanks for posting Daniel.

  5. kxwalker says:

    I don’t know of any Cost Cutter Convenience Store on Euston Road. There are two or three convenience stores the top end of Grays Inn Road which are open all night. Perhaps you are getting Grays Inn Road mixed up with Euston Road.

    • Daniel Zylbersztajn says:

      kxwalker At the point were Euston Rd. merges with Grays Inn Rd. there is the Cost Cutter near the bus stop for West bound buses. But we are literally talking about a distance of plus minus 20 meters on a merging street bit that decides where Euston Rd starts and Grays Inn Rd. ends. You are quite right to insist on correct detail, the truth is I was not clear where one starts and the other ends. Apologies for failing on that and many thanks for your clarification.

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