Permission refused for big hotel block on Euston Road

Proposed hotelIn other news about hotel developments in the area, the proposal to build a 7-storey hotel directly opposite King’s Cross station has been rejected.

Camden Council has cited 18 reasons why permission was refused, but the main two justifications are about heritage conservation and the unsympathetic design.

The rejection states that demolishing three Georgian properties to make way for the block would “result in the loss of a terrace of buildings which is considered to make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the Kings Cross Conservation Area” and “the design of the proposed replacement building, by virtue of its height, bulk, mass, footprint, and detailed design would have an overly dominant and intrusive impact upon the setting of several listed buildings and disrupt the balanced harmony…”

The publication of the plans on this site in late November 2011 revealed very strong local opposition, and numerous objections were registered. The developers have been working on this proposal for five years it seems. We’ll have to wait and see if this is the end of the story…

Clare Hill

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7 Responses to Permission refused for big hotel block on Euston Road

  1. Sophie Talbot says:

    This is fantastic news, especially as LBC specifically states that loss of that lovely terrace block is not acceptable. Hurray and congrats to all who pushed for this!

  2. Diana Shelley says:

    Wow, well done to all those who objected. I fear that years of the KX community (particularly if it votes in Islington) being ignored by Camden councillors and officers meant I’d despaired of them ever standing up to the developers. So glad to be proved wrong this time!

  3. Islington Council submitted a formal objection as the adjoining local authority. The grounds set out principally that the scale of development was wrong for the area and reminded Camden that, in 2001, Islington rejected a similar scale redevelopment for what is now the Regent Quarter, an extremely successful low rise, high density mixed use redevelopment (including affordable homes) that retained a large amount of historic fabric.

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