We are not alone

Thanks to Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem GLAM and Chair of the Greater London Assembly’s Transport Comittee for alerting us to today’s post on the fab blog Inside Croydon “Croydon pedestrians risk death on unsafe crossings”, where she reveals that a recent survey shows that Mayor Boris Johnson is failing to provide safe pedestrian crossings in London for blind or partially sighted people.  At King’s Cross, in addition to being home to a larger than average population of disabled people, we are also home to the national HQ of Sense and the Royal National Institute for the Blind – it is essential that crossings here are safe for all.

“The survey showed that 347 pedestrian crossings under the control of Transport for London (TfL) – chairman, Boris Johnson – have no facilities to assist blind and partially sighted people to cross the road safely.

“In addition, 113 pedestrian crossings also fail national safety standards by not providing the minimum amount of time for pedestrians to cross safely.”

According to Inside Croydon, “TfL’s pretty lame response to the survey was to state that the crossings met standards that were in place at the time they were installed, and that a review will be conducted in 2012”.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. http://www.cookiewp.com She also manages King's Cross Community Projects http://www.kccp.org.uk
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1 Response to We are not alone

  1. Hi, I liked the article and would be grateful if you would add the crossing on the Talgarth Road with the intersection of North End Road, London W14. Elderly people do not cross this road – they take a bus across. There have been a number of fatalities pedestrians and drivers due to crossing and drivers coming off the motorway and still going too fast. We need your voice to help our voice. Annette

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