Limited improvements to fatal junction begin next month

From 9 January 2012 to 9 January 2013 the left turn at the junction of Euston Road/Pentonville Road into York Way will be suspended at certain times of the day whilst Transport for London (TfL) undertakes limited improvements.

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Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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5 Responses to Limited improvements to fatal junction begin next month

  1. Clare Hill says:

    Well spotted Sophie. Wow, a whole year – not very reassuring is it?

  2. Albert Beale says:

    Actually, the one-year timescale is quite a common legal technicality: they have to give themselves cover for whatever time it takes, and this sort of order is sometimes made with a random round-number period – though usually there’s a clause to the effect “notwithstanding the above, it is envisaged that works will only last for…” etc – so it is a _bit_ strange.
    Assuming that the changes are anything like the ones they consulted on months ago, then they certainly might take some weeks at least, since it involves changing the pavement line and (I think) removing the island in the middle of York Way at its southern end.
    I’m thinking, wearing my cycling hat (metaphorically; I don’t wear one literally) that it’s time to resist, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a good bunch of bikes actually closing down that junction for an hour one evening soon, and if that doesn’t get TfL to the negotiating table, then going back week after week until it does. Anyone interested in this?
    Albert Beale (020-7278 4474) (

  3. Diana Shelley says:

    Ablet, why on earth don’t you wear a helmet? As we know, cycling in London is already dangerous enough without taking needless risk.
    Yer old comrade,

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  5. Sean Murray - Retail specialist | Urban activist says:

    We are seeing Amsterdam mentioned as a good example of a balanced approach to transport – My time is currently split between KX and Amsterdam where, interestingly, no one wears a helmet. This appears to make people drive more carefully, which in turn makes safer roads so it’s fine to not wear a helmet – similar to the barrier removal principle.

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