Community funded trees planted

John Ashwell writes: Thanks to all who supported the campaign to fund the planting of the two trees on Wharfdale road that blew over.  These two urban wildlife friendly Prunus Avium Plena (flowers pictured left) were planted on Friday 9 December, sooner than expected with the council prioritising their planting in response to the generosity of the local community. 

They are beautiful, healthy saplings, though the ground beneath was very poor quality, so they may take a little while to establish.  The third tree, for which Cally Arts, a local community organisation run by Lisa Tang, has generously funded the shortfall required, will be planted over the next couple of months, outside the new Pret on Wharfdale Road.

Please note that the two trees planted were planted alongside the original tree pits, as it is difficult to get all the roots out with services so close by beneath the pavement.  I have asked that the council make good these two old pits with paving to cover them over, and hope to see that done in due course.

Plaques will be attached next week to the two guards, once fixings have been made, and a reporter has approached me wishing to run an article in the Camden New Journal and Islington Gazette on the community support for these trees.  It would be good if a few people could turn up for a photo  by the trees at 1pm on Thursday 15 December

Thanks again for you generosity of spirit, and please speak kindly to the trees as you pass them by, to give them a good start given they have landed in such poor soil!

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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1 Response to Community funded trees planted

  1. Leah Dixon says:

    I would love to get some trees planted in the Camden part of Kings Cross. When I’ve written to the council they’ve said it can’t be done due to all the trains underneath. Whilst I appreciate that I’m sure there is a solution and would love some help with this. If we had more tress not only would they make the area look nice they would soak up some of the pollution too.

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