Another suppressed TfL report… One for women cyclists the website for urban design professionals has revealed that TfL has suppressed a report showing that women cyclists are more likely to be killed in traffic than men because they don’t run red lights and do not generally ride aggressively.

Given the dangers presented by the KX gyratory system combined with a twenty year regeneration programme increasing the number of lorries here and the massive number of women students moving into the area this is a timely article for all in KX. quotes bereaved father of Rosie, Peter Wright, saying ‘TfL’s attitude is unacceptable’ as the report should be published to give women cyclists vital information. The Rudi article ends with the following advice:

Advice to cyclists on how to avoid collisions with lorries:

  • If a lorry is in front of you, wait where you can see the mirrors until it is possible to pass it
  • You should pass a lorry only on the right and only when you are sure you have enough time and space to get far enough ahead for the driver to see you clearly before they start moving
  • If a lorry is behind you, ride where the driver has to consider your presence
  • Ride where lorries cannot pass you, or cannot pass you without changing their position on the road
  • HGVs are so dangerous to cyclists that they should be treated with extreme caution

Source: The London School of Cycling

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Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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1 Response to Another suppressed TfL report… One for women cyclists

  1. Only Me says:

    Report also suggests some supposed safety features are adding to the risks !
    ( ‘feeder lanes’ into advanced stop zones at traffic lights, and pedestrian guard rails )

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