Road safety – Political reaction

Kx cycle accidentThere’s been a strong cross party reaction to the tragic death of a young cyclist on the dangerous roads of Kings Cross.  We try not to get into divisive party politics here on this site (our readers tell us they like it that way) so it’s good to get the backing of both the Labour Party (Cally Councillors – Paul Convery) and the Green Party (Jenny Jones AM).

UPDATE – 23 October – I received material from the Lib Dems, inlcuding past questions to the  Mayor and a letter  now posted in full at this link.

Jenny Jones AM wrote to the Mayor and his transport commissioner on 12 October.  Jenny Jones also wrote a good blog post on the similarities between Kings Cross and the tragedies at Blackfriars Bridge.


Islington Labour weighed on 19 October building on Paul Convery and Cally Councillors’ attempts over the years (cited in our 12 October article) to get TfL to reform radically the gyratory system:

We have called repeatedly for the removal of the two gyratory systems at Kings Cross and urged TfL to speed-up junction improvements designed to give pedestrians greater safety at the intersections.

“The entire Kings Cross road system is the legacy of a time when decision-takers thought it was simply a drive-through-and-forget place. Well it isn’t anymore. Many thousands of people live here. Hundreds of growing businesses are located here. It’s becoming a whole new entertainment district with scores of pubs, clubs and restaurants. And it now has the largest single public transport interchange in Europe.”…

..“We believe TfL has to wake-up: Kings Cross roads are a death trap. TfL was warned of the dangers 3 years ago and has done almost nothing in response. That’s why we support police enquiries to test whether TfL is guilty of corporate manslaughter.”

This is especially helpful as Paul is Islington’s executive member with responsibility for Transport.


Jeanette Arnold the local London  Assembly Member has written to Peter Hendy the Mayor’s  Transport Commissioner about the state of the Kings Cross gyratory calling for a detailed investigation and asking TfL to commit to a remodelling of the deadly junction at York Way.

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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  1. Daniel Zylbersztahn says:

    For balance Lib Dem Lee Baker of Bloomsbury & St Pancras has written to tenants of Acton Street, saying he supports speed reduction on Acton Street and mentioning that Boris Johnson said there was nothing to improve last year and that he and his party continue to support this cause. Labour councillors have not issued a statement yet, but in the past they and in particular Jonathan Simpson have written several times on my behalf to TFL (including on the request to change lay out of Swinton Place and on noise and speeds of vehicles on Acton and Swinton Street.)

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