Plea for help with the trees

Wharfedale-roadYou may remember that local resident John Ashwell spearheaded two massive fundraising rounds a few years ago to pay for planting the vast majority of trees we now see in the north east quarter of King's Cross (from Euston/Pentonville Road right up to the canal). He needs our help again, this time to replace two damaged trees, so please be ready to put in your pennies!

Each individual tree we have in our area performs a vital role, not just in making the area look better. Believe it or not, the trees encourage drivers to slow down as they signal that this is a residental area; they help soak up nasty particulates that spew fromn the exhausts of heavy traffic; and they are important perching and feeding places for urban wildlife as part of the King's Cross green corridor.

John raised a considerable amount last time round which he persuaded LB Islington to match. He arranged for Islington council to maintain the trees and has kept a tree watch going to make sure damaged trees are replaced as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Islington council has no funding available for replacement trees in our area this winter. Two trees have been blown over outside Lighterman House – one last year, and one last week – they were both Sorbus, which have not been a successful species for Wharfdale Road – most of the original ones planted have since been replaced with Prunus Avium Plena (the double white flowering ornamental cherry). 

To replace the two trees with Prunus Avium Plena to tie in with the rest, and have guards installed, plus a 3 year watering contract for the trees, will cost £350 + VAT per tree.  So to replace two trees, we need to raise £840 from the local community. 

Can you help? 

Please, please pledge your cash donation, no matter how small, to John at

If you can offer practical help to water the new trees during their first couple of year so as to avoid that substantial cost, again email John

If there are other tree locations within the Kings Cross area where people have noticed an empty tree pit, or a dead tree, which they would like to see replaced, please email John

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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1 Response to Plea for help with the trees

  1. On the issue several trees on Kings Cross Road and Swinton Road have been cut and removed, only leaving the stumps. Who has ordered this, Why TFL / Camden? Where are the replanted surrogates?

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