Caledonian Road drugs dealer ‘Blood’ jailed and banned from Islington

Keno FORBESThis just in from the police:

A 33 year old man has been jailed for three years for eleven counts of supplying Class A drugs, namely Crack Cocaine and Heroin.

Keno Forbes, of York Road, Stevenage, Herts, SG1, was jailed at Blackfriars Crown Court on 13 October 2011 after pleading guilty to all charges. He was also given a ten-year ASBO to start from the time of sentence.

As part of the ASBO he is not allowed to enter any part of London Borough of Islington .

On 19 April 2011, officers from the Crime Squad in Islington Police Station launched Operation Amargosa, tackling the supply of class-A drugs in the Caledonian Road area. Forbes, who operated under the street-name “Blood”, was seen on a number of occasions supplying Class A drugs.

After a lengthy investigation, Forbes was arrested in Caledonian Road, N1 on 14 July 2011. He was initially charged with 14 offences, 12 offences of Supply of controlled Class A drugs and two offences of being concerned in the Supply of Class A drugs which was lessened to 11 charges of supplying Class A drugs.

A search of an address he was known to frequent in Rufford Street was carried out by officers who discovered a set of scales, a chopping board both of which had white powder of them. A razor blade, cling film and black plastic – all drugs supply paraphernalia.

Investigating officer, Police Constable Claire Millward, from the Crime Squad in Islington said: This was a protracted investigation to tackle illegal drugs supply in the borough. Forbes came into Islington solely to sell drugs. His sentence and subsequent ASBO means that he will no longer be able to saturate the streets with his illegal drugs or indeed make a profit from his criminal activities.

Police Constable Rowena Dark from Caledonian Safer Neighbourhoods team who applied for the anti social behaviour order said: “Forbes was seen on a daily basis around the Bemerton Estate and surrounding streets dealing class A drugs even though he lives in Hertfordshire. I applied for a ten-year ASBO to ensure that he was banned from Caledonian ward and Islington borough as a whole.  I’m pleased that the judge saw fit to grant this ASBO.

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6 Responses to Caledonian Road drugs dealer ‘Blood’ jailed and banned from Islington

  1. Sophie Talbot says:

    Oooo careful now (she says wincing a little). That photo’s rather dodgy in a race related way…

  2. Tobias says:

    I kind of know what you mean Sophie but what exactly to you mean? It looks a bit dodgy this photo, but why? Is it?

  3. Geoff Williams says:

    Sophie what on earth are you talking about?? It’s a photograph of a convicted drug dealer. Which bit makes you wince – the fact that he’s a drug dealer, the fact that he’s black or the fact that he has been sentenced?

  4. Sophie Talbot says:

    The bit that makes me wince is using a photo that clearly makes him out to look like stereotypical black criminal. Images like that go deep in our psyche and bolster racist assumptions. There’ll be other photos of him that don’t make him look like that. It’s an opinion, a valid one about the complex issue of race perception and the interpretation of images. It’d be nice not to be flamed for it.

  5. S Xu says:

    Hello Sophie, I don’t think the photo makes him out to look like a black criminal. That is simply down to his appearance and your own perception.

    Couple of points for you

    – There is nothing wrong with a photo of a black criminal looking like a black criminal.

    – The information came from the police, it is natural that they only have a mugshot.

  6. ok folks we are getting some silly comments on this now so i am closing the discussion. For other pictures of criminals i have posted on this site (supplied by the police) see

    also for a historical perspective try this set of criminals

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