York Way Kebab Take-away back in the frame!!!!

Untitled For those of you living in or near Regent’s Quarter or for those just interested in the general complexion of the area, you might be interested to know that the folks at 2b York Way are again seeking to expand their activities.

I’ve taken the libery of re-posting a “comment” submitted by one of our local neighbours who has been following this ongoing saga.

This story has been running for some time, so if you want the background, just click here.

The following is from Sean of Reqent’s Quarter.

Hello all, I’ve checked with Islington planning and the unit at 2 York Way *is* able to re-apply for similar planning changes after 1 year *and* any objections have to be re-submitted.

For anyone who does not believe another after 23:00 take-away with an alcohol license is desirable, please send your feedback to planning@islington.gov.uk The deadline is October 20th.

I’ve pasted below the relevant reasons we gave last time which can still be used. It’s worth saying that I and my neighbours want to support local business, particularly the independents but we also want to ensure KX does not go the way of Shoreditch where late at night the community is dealing with bar saturation. This is even more relevant when our council and community support teams have less resource to deal with the clean up and ASB.

The reasons we gave before and that are still valid:

a) Illuminated sign not in keeping with the character of the building or the adjoining frontages on York Way and having an adverse impact on the adjacent conservation area [contrary to UDP 2002 (Env 11)]

b) Use class (takeaway hot foods) will result in high incidence of litter, detritus and encourage people to eat foods in open space, outside doorways of residential accommodation on York Way thereby reducing the amenity of local residents; and will diminish the quality of public realm on York Way and by creating a poor quality of environment adjacent to a key regeneration area and in the vicinity of Kings Cross station and the proposed station square [contrary to UDP 2002 (Env 4 and Env 17)]

c) Proposed hours of operation will cause disturbance late at night to nearby residential neighbours from arrival and departure of customers [contrary to UDP 2002 (Env 17)]




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