62-68 York Way, Development Plans Progress

1766-1 The Community Bulletin Board has recently learned that development is now moving ahead at the site at the corner of York Way and Wharfdale Road. Residents of York Central have received notification of work to begin as outlined in a “newsletter” received from the developers.Download 1766 1.0 Project Newsletter – Neighbour Considerate Contractor Scheme

This site has been an eyesore in the neighbourhood for years and the fact that development is moving ahead is good news. However, announcement have been made before and only time will tell if this announcement means real progress.

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2 Responses to 62-68 York Way, Development Plans Progress

  1. Dan Stone says:

    The project newsletter seems to be saying that the plan is to dig one hole. I am only guessing, but I think this may be a minimal step undertaken by the owner to keep the planning permission from expiring. It doesn’t look like the beginning of a concerted construction effort.

  2. York Central Resident says:


    You may be right as it is now understood that there is no firm tenant for this building. This could be another attempt to stretch out Planning Approval by saying the work has begun. This proceedure has been used before by this developer.

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