Big changes at KCCP

Boundary and wards Fledgling local charitable trust King's Cross Community Projects took another step in its development recently as Sam Afhim was elected Chair and John Ashwell elected Treasurer. Sam brings a huge wealth of fundraising experience whilst John, being an ex-accountant, gives the trust the sound financial management grounding it will hopefully need in the years to come. Sophie Talbot stepped down as a trustee and accepted the post of Projects Manager. Antionia Benedek, Mike Jackson, Tobias Newlands and Will Perrin remain on the board.

Meanwhile, the greenwall project is set to complete construction and installation by the end of March 2012. KCCP will be running consultation events at the Central Station Bar (opposite the greenwall site) at the end of September before submitting a planning application.

The trust would like to thank Complete Offices (owner of Lighterman House where the greenwall will be sited) who not only support the project, but will be providing all the physical foundations needed to support the structure. Property development company and social landlord Places for People are very kindly providing access to their land at the base of the wall.

Although the project has always been known as a 'greenwall', and is indeed a form of greening a vertical space, KCCP are now describing it as a 'living sculpture' to acknowledge their excitement at the design provided by locally based artist Neil Ayling.

In addition to the living sculpture/greenwall project, KCCP are developing two new projects. First is 'Mapping our patch' which this site has mentioned previously, and second is 'Beating the bounds', a project to match up would be runners and running mentors to run the boundary and key highlights of the catchment area covered by the trust.

As part of the Mapping our Patch project, the trust has developed a map of the area they cover and they provide a complete list of councillors on their website.

Contact KCCP by clicking here.


About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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