Is Kings Cross station tannoy annoying you?

Kingscrossforecourt The tannoy from King's Cross station seems to have escaped beyond the platforms in recent days according to local resident Chris.  Has anyone else noticed platform announcements outside the station? Let us know in the comments and i'll see if Network Rail can fix it. Chris says:

'It's difficult to pinpoint where it's coming from. I'm on Battlebridge Basin, on the other side of King's Place (New Wharf Rd), and for the last week the sound of tannoys has been emanating very loudly from KX station, but I don't know the difference between the platforms.

'Normally, you can't hear the tannoys at all, but the volume has changed during the day – it doesn't seem to be at night. I wondered if they were testing a new system, or if a wall had been removed. I work at home and will try to work out exactly where it's coming from.'

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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11 Responses to Is Kings Cross station tannoy annoying you?

  1. Karen says:

    I noticed this yesterday as I came up from Regents Canal onto York Way. You can’t normally hear the announcements from there.

  2. Alan says:

    Ditto – walking down York Way last night from Kings Place, the tannoy was loud and clear.

  3. janys Lomax says:

    I’ve also noticed it in York Way in the last few days.

  4. Mike Sweeney says:

    I also heard this loud tannoy noise in the evenings from my inside my flat, situated on the junction of York Way and Copenhagen Street.
    Especially more noticeable during this week. It was beginning to cross my mind what the cause of this was.
    I thought it was coming from the Construction site nearby off York Way/Goods Way.
    But it is very loud and needs to be reduced in terms of noise levels.
    It can get a bit annoying some evenings.

  5. Helen Pinkerton says:

    The majority of the residents at York Central have noticed as well. In fact calls have already been made to Network Rail and also the station manager. Contact was made with Tracey Jones (station managers Team Organiser)and they are aware of the problem and have had lots of complaints.

    The tannoy system was faulty, reset and has defaulted to the loudest setting. They are unable to change the volume and so have called the engineers. We have yet to notice any difference.

  6. Seth says:

    I began noticing the tannoy several months ago. It began with what were obviously test announcements annoyingly late at night and in the early hours asking travellers to vacate the premises! These have become sporadic but have now been augmented by full announcements clearly audible from my apartment on the corner of York Way and Copenhagen Street.

    No doubt these are ‘essential’ bits of information but they are yet another irksome trifle chipping away at the quality of life in the area so anything that can be done to mute these tannoys will be welcome!

  7. Helen Pinkerton says:

    An upate on this. Tracey Jones called me today. They were able to turn the volume down on the tannoy system last night. She asked if I had noticed any difference. I said I hadn’t, as we were woken early this morning by the train announcements again. They will continue to monitor and come back to us. I have sent Tracey the link to this site.

  8. william perrin says:

    thanks folks – i’ve reported it to camden environmental health and will do so to islington too. let’s hope network rail pull their fingers out

  9. Stuart Cottis says:

    I too have noticed it – you can hear it even by the Regents Canal on York Way. There’s a wider problem here, though, with train companies and Network Rail infiltrating the airwaves with so many needless and nanny-like ‘safety’ etc. announcements. Do we really need them?

  10. Paul Convery says:

    I’ve spoken to Network Rail about this. Although the station is in Camden the effects are felt only by residents in Islington. So Camden’s environmental health people may not be terribly motivated to sort it out. In the meantime, Network Rail have promised to turn down the volume. Please can nearby residents continue to make their own assessments?

  11. sean says:

    It’s quite comforting that our most recent posts have been about this, rather than what could have kicked off in N1/4/5 this week. Like others who have posted, we too can now keep up to date with how late the 11:50 to Hull is or instructions to be careful due to the inclement weather, right here in Albion walk. If it’s still a problem and anyone needs another contact, we’ve found Hannah v good:

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