Openings, closures and maybes

Here's a quick roundup of some shopfitting and shop-stripping around King's Cross:

Acorn House, the restaurant run by the Shoreditch Trust at 200 Gray's Inn Road, has CLOSED down and been combined with its sister restaurant, the Waterhouse in Shoreditch. The restaurant promoted itself as 'London's first eco-friendly training restaurant''. The reason for the move given is that the premises is being redeveloped.

Alcohol LICENCE APPLICATION for 94-96 Cromer Street (cnr Whidborne Street). This is currently a corner food shop. It wants to sell alchohol daily, with hours 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and until 3pm on Sunday. Concerned? The deadline to register objections is very soon: 4 August. The application is here.

Burrito Café — OPENING sometime soon (was supposed to be 28 July) on the site of Tony's Hemp Corner: 10 Caledonian Road. It doesn't appear to be part of a chain, at least I can't find anything else with quite the same name. As for burritos themselves, they're everywhere at the moment. The new kebab?

96 Caledonian Road (or thereabouts) — not sure what makes this section of the Cally such a magnet for money-sending shops, but here's a new one OPENING up, alongside other similar shops past and present. It's a 'Thai' one.

343 Gray's Inn Road, the site of the recently CLOSED KFC, is busily being stripped back to bare brick and refitted. I'm finding out what it's being reborn as and will report back.

Know of any others?

Clare Hill

About Clare Hill

Clare is a writer and editor who lived in King’s Cross for a decade. She is passionate about local history, transport and food. Contact Clare by commenting on her posts or go to
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7 Responses to Openings, closures and maybes

  1. sean says:

    Yeo – what looks like a very large Pret on the corner of York Way and Wharfdale Rd. Yes it’s another chain but they keep their units tidy and look after the outside envoronent well.

  2. James Melly says:

    A sign appeared briefly on the site at the corner of Wharfdale Road and York Way announcing that it had been let to “Pret a Mange” so presumably another Pret is on its way which is a bit dreary. Was hoping for an independent cafe or convenience store… Also Swintons Wine Bar has re-branded as Navya’s (or something like that) in keeping with it now doing Malaysian food.

    I’ve also been trying to find out whether Clifton House (the huge building opposite the British Library) is going to include a hotel, which according to these 2 sources permission has been granted for:$Report-Item%2007%2812%29-Clifton%20House.doc.pdf

    I emailed Jones Lang LaSalle who said they couldn’t comment and the developer Romulus didn’t reply.

  3. Will says:

    Units on York Way by the Lincoln Lounge are being fitted out, at least one as a Pret a Manger.

  4. Andrew says:

    Both units on the corner of Wharfdale and York Way will be a Pret, I spoke to the builders last week, planned opening end of August….

  5. Albert Beale says:

    Albert Beale
    5 Caledonian Road
    (020-7278 4474)

    Re the application at 10 Caledonian Road…

    Obviously a burrito cafe is needed – there are so few snack places around here!

    But I’m especially concerned that there’s a notice – black writing on dark blue paper, hence hard to read through the glass at night! – suggesting that it’s applying for:
    round the clock openng;
    films until midnight;
    live music until 3am;
    dancing until 4am (looks like it was 5am, crossed out and now “only” 4am);
    and alcohol until 5am [which would start again at 8am of course].

    I think this would be going beyond what is currently allowed at our end of Cale Rd, especially because of the residential uses.

    I’ve never thought of Cale Rd itself as being part of the round-the-clock drinking scene – once you turn the corner from the main road, it’s somewhat different from the all-nght Kings Cross station lifestyle; and though there are quite a few restaurants and bars and so on, they’re not round-the-clock with music most of the night. (As it is, the Camino Bar, in the middle of the Bravingtons Block here, has loud late-night music just occasionally [though not as late as proposed for No 10], and – when it does – it renders impossible any use of the rear rooms in nearby buildings on Cale Rd.)

    What’s being proposed for No 10 seems to me to be more what you’d expect in Soho, or – at most – on the main road immediately by the station.

    Any thoughts, anyone, on the idea of a rather tiny venue like No 10 having alcohol and music and dancing for much of the night?? Little chance, I’d guess, of it not spilling out into the street!


  6. Clare Hill says:

    More planning alerts, now I’m properly signed up:

    Fancy some tables and chairs in your way in the busy areas outside the area’s two McDonalds?

    McD’s wants to have barriered outdoor seating areas outside Pentonville Road location and Euston Road location.

    If you want to object, you have until 1 September.


    The refs are: (Euston Road) 2011/3847/TC and (Pentonville Road) 2011/3865/TC

  7. Clare Hill says:

    I spoke to the builder/developer onsite currently at the shell of the KFC, who said that he’s not changing the use, and was on the look out for a ‘quality restaurant’ as a tenant.

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