KX Square stop press!!!

Word on the street is that the miserable design for the new square between Pancras Road, Euston Road and York Way is not the responsibility of Network Rail after all… It is said that LB Camden planners advised Network Rail that they could not build any new structures, could not have any planting except for the proposed four trees, refused permission to site a Henry Moore sculpture there, could not have a water feature of any kind… in fact could not do anything except tear down the existing concourse, retain the existing two ventilation shafts and tube entrance and otherwise pave everything.

Anyone looking at the Network Rail model should bear in mind that the trees on Euston Road and Pancras Road don't actually exist and as far as we can tell there are no plans to plant them. They are, In Network Rail's words, artistic license". The one existing tree in that space appears to be set for the chop. Also, bear in mind the huge space we are talking about – not just the pavement you can see. The new square will cover everything right back to the original station front – including all that currently internal stuff like the shops, ticket office and departure boards.

So what to do? There are voices out there calling for a campaign to pressure LB Camden to reverse their current advice and let Network Rail build a really imaginative square.

If you live in Camden, contact your local councillors asap and tell them not to accept this current design.

If you are interested in campaigning on this issue email here. We'll keep a list of email addresses and circulate a mailing list to emailers once it becomes a practical size.


About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. http://www.cookiewp.com She also manages King's Cross Community Projects http://www.kccp.org.uk
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3 Responses to KX Square stop press!!!

  1. M@ says:

    But isn’t there something to be said for keeping it clear of trees/furniture until there’s more data about crowd movements? The council would be berated if they installed lots of decorations at taxpayer expense, and then had to remove some of them. I’d rather keep it plain for now, then beautify later if the crowd patterns allow.

  2. Joyce Glasser says:

    I have just seen a drawing of the proposed transformation of Kings X station entrance and the interface with Euston Road. It doesn’t look very different from how it looks now; the only difference being the absence of the usual litter and stalls. There is no imagination anywhere, no sense that this is new architecture meeting history. There is no reference in the new to the old, and in fact, nothing new at all and very little ‘old’ left standing. Another disgrace is that there is an absence of greenery and places to sit and wait for people or trains outside. Probably this is because of the cost of maintaining green in London where people see a tree and associate it with a place to toss rubbish or fasten a bike lock. This is the fault of the public who litter and bike riders who ruin fledgling trees by pulling on them to lock their bikes. that’s a separate issue, though. If you aim for the gutter and you’ll stay there. Aim for the sky and you’ll get a few feet above the mundane. What a wasted opportunity.

  3. niki barnett-henry says:

    Why are they building new green spaces and cutting funding to beautiful green spaces like the Calthorpe project. What an utter waste of public money.
    Oh yeah. The new spaces are there to impress passing tourist pedestrian traffic. Sod the local communities that use our community garden, including around 200 children that come through our gates to our free play schemes and learn about the environment and healthy eating. Stupid Camden Council.

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