B@1 or Beatone Kings Cross – cocktail bar to replace Ruby Lounge at 33 Caledonian Road

B@1logo The latest incarnation of 33 Caledonian Road is to be a cocktail bar B@1 Kings Cross (or beatone kings cross for the non-textual), part of a chain with other branches predominantly South of the river and West.  Not sure when it will open but there's a Facebook page and a webpage.  So far it will retain the hours of its predecessor the Ruby open to 0200 Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights – the other bars in the chain don't open past 0200.  There have been some minor amends to the licence but i can't work out what yet.

Doubtless there's an appropriate platitude about regeneration or London's trendy Kings Cross or Kings Cross party capital, Hogarths Gin Lane etc. but i can't find it right now. The Ruby Lounge will be missed – I wasn't a regular, but when i went it had its good and bad nights but was usually distinctive, friendly and not too chain-ey .  I have a distant memory from the 1990s that it used to be a trad. pub the Hop and Grapes. Or was it the Hoop and Grapes or The Grapes? Can someone help with a history of pubs on that site? Was it Roy Porter who said that in London land use 'stains the map'.

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11 Responses to B@1 or Beatone Kings Cross – cocktail bar to replace Ruby Lounge at 33 Caledonian Road

  1. THE MALT AND HOPS!!!!!! Oh the memories, in my 20s, fresh down from Leeds, drinking with Chad and the guys from Mole Jazz….. happy times 😉

  2. James Melly says:

    You were on the right lines – it was the Malt & Hops. Not that I remember it as that but came across a few references to it at the Ruby’s address when putting my site together. I liked the Ruby as well – good example of a lounge bar that didn’t feel like it was trying too hard to be trendy.

  3. Chris says:

    The signs on the windows say it opens on 22 July! So great…

  4. Lynne says:

    Malt and Hops! Used to go there after watching three Pasolini (or whatever else was on) films in a row at the Scala. Used to walk right past the nearest pub…The Scottish Stores…

  5. Martyn Lowe says:

    I also used to drink in the place while it was the Malt & Hops.

    If you look at the 1871 OS map then you will see that it is marked out as being a PH ( Public House ).

    It’s such things which give me a feeling of being a part of a living history.

    The Ruby always struck me as being both too noisy & overpriced.

  6. Paul Convery says:

    Oh dear … have a look at how “Be At One” describe their latest acquisition as “situated right by the bustling station”. Well that’s a pretty big exaggeration. It’s about 400 yards away from the (current) station entrance and even further away from the soon-to-be-opended new KX concourse. Then they describe its “huge windows (and) outside seating”. Well the windows are a decent height but they’re not “huge”. This is (was) a pretty small pub, after all. And the outside seating? I think the license allows about half a dozen chairs although I recall how The Ruby used to lug-out a big leather settee sometimes. So, is a bar already operating at this level of silly hyperbole really going to be that great? We’ll see.

  7. Nigel Townsend says:

    Just walked past the former Ruby Lounge/Malt and Hops part of my Kings cross life for over 20 years – now I’m going to sound like a grumpy old man but looking through the windows all I can see is what looks like a public toilet/butchers shop – due to the white tile design and lighting – quite a shock after the tasteful wallpaper and warm colours of the Ruby Lounge – looks like we’re in for another exercise in bad taste and lack of personality – hopefully I’m wrong, but if i’m right hopefully people will vote with their feet.

  8. Claire_M says:

    Used to love the Ruby, didn’t go that often but it was a great bar.

  9. Kate says:

    Hi There!
    My name’s Kate and I am part of the team in Be At One King’s Cross, which will be opening on the 22nd of July
    We’d really appreciate the chance to get to know our neighbours and build a good relationship with all of you. We have our launch night next week. If any of you would like to come down to see the bar and meet the team (and have a few drinks on us) then please email me at katerose@beatone.co.uk so I can forward you the details and pop you on the guestlist if you can let me know by Tuesday 19th July at the latest.
    All The Best, Kate Rose and the King’s Cross team.

  10. Nigel says:

    Checked out this bar while I was waiting to go to the brilliant Simmons for their second birthday party drinks free from 6 -9 and what a disappointment it was – over priced drinks – really bad house white – crap interior design – one to avoid – hopefully it will have a short life and hopefully it is not a sign of things to come . Thank god for the imagination and the personality of Simmons across the road.

  11. Alfie Stockman says:

    Without wishing to sound like a doddering old prat; I moved to London from Northern Ireland in 1981, rented a basement flat at 12 keystone Crescent and tasted my first pints of ‘real ale’ at the Malt & Hops. Back then it was a regular haunt of Arsenal players following weekday training and I remember Malcolm Macdonald (who was manager of Fulham at the time) being a regular. It was a real beer drinker’s bar that used to have monthly ‘brewers evenings’ where the owners/ management of small local and regional brewers used to come along with their ales for tasting sessions and give out freebies like hats, t-shirts etc. Happy days.

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