Hillview Summer Party

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Hillview Summer Party will take place on Saturday July 30th in Whidborne Courtyard, Whidborne Street between midday and 9.30pm. This free party has live bands, face painting, performance poetry, a busking corner, DJ’s, delicious food and refreshments.


The party is a scaled-down version of the famous Hillview Festival which is remembered fondly by many of the people on the estate as great community event which brought people together and helped to showcase some of the considerable talent which existed and still exists among the residents here!.


There was often a fairly anarchic spirit in the early days. For instance one year, to the horror of health and safetyists there was a trapeze wire set up between the balconies on either side of Midhope Courtyard.  It was also an early stomping ground for many who later went on to fame and fortune such as Jarimoquai and Shane McGowan from the Pogues


Inspired by the group of people who originally helped to form Shortlife Community Housing in the late 1970s, the festival ran most years until 2005 and helped to create the sometimes almost villagey community feel that still exists in the area. It is very much that sense of a positive and creative local community that we hope this year’s party run by the Hillview Residents Association will help revive and refresh. And maybe next year we will revive the full festival.

Thanks to Sophie Talbot for designing the poster.


Nb. The food for the children’s party is only for the children of the estate.





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