Sad goodbye to much-loved landmark

Gasometer Deborah Seyman writes:

I am so sad to see the Gas Holder being dismantled. It's been an exceptional landmark and reminder of Kings Cross's heritage for so long. It always pleases me when I turn out on to Wharfdale Road — all four were even more impressive — and there have been some spectacular views of it recently against colourful sunsets. The new location (north of the Canal — if they ever really get round to putting it, and the others, up again) will not be the same as it will not stand out on the skyline as it does now — not only great views from Wharfdale Road but wonderful aspect when walking back this way along the canal from St Pancras Lock as well as from the streets on the St Pancras side of the site. I am dismayed at losing this old friend. 

When I moved down here (from far away Barnsbury) I was lucky enough to receive a housewarming present of photographs taken by Marianne Fox Ockinga — she lives nearby and has done a wonderful job of chronicling the changes to Kings Cross (as well as to Highbury with the new stadium and the Olympic site). I recommend a look at her website and, if feasible, a purchase of one her lovely prints/drawings/paintings — so evocative.

I attach a not very good photo taken on my phone (above) this evening of the Gas Holder with the recent gaps in it.

Editor's note: Watch out for the planning application to come from King's Cross Central for the ten story office blocks forming plot A3-5 along the immediate west of the rail tracks which will end forever the view of the sunset seen in Deborah's photo above. When it comes, you might like to object…

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Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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1 Response to Sad goodbye to much-loved landmark

  1. Andrew says:

    Let’s hope they get set up in their new location soon!

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