Fatal stabbing in King’s Cross

DSCF5255 There are unconfirmed reports of a murder in Argyle Street, just south of St Pancras station. Around 7 uniformed police officers were tonight manning a cordon covering the entire street, in place since the early evening. At least 5 plainclothes detectives were present, with several more in plastic forensic suits.

None of the officers would comment on the details or confirm a murder investigation was underway, but there are reports that the murderer escaped after the stabbing.

The crime took place at 24-28 Argyle Street, a mental health care home housed in three converted and interconnected terrace houses. A man waiting to be let through the cordon, who wished not to be named, said: "It's a home for people with mental illness. I live there, I've just come home and have been waiting to be let in… I've lived in the hostel for years, and nothing's really happened like this… there's 15 of us living there. I don't know who it is [who has been murdered]."
One detective was heard talking about "multiple incident scenes". It is not clear whether this incident is connected to other reports of a violent fight in King's Cross that happened around the same time.

Clare Hill

About Clare Hill

Clare is a writer and editor who lived in King’s Cross for a decade. She is passionate about local history, transport and food. Contact Clare by commenting on her posts or go to http://www.clarehill.net
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5 Responses to Fatal stabbing in King’s Cross

  1. Well done Clare. Its not necessary a comfortable feeling to poke your nose into a tragic incident on your doorstep and it doesn’t necessarily make you feel good about your area, but its the nature of journalism and its a valuable thing and its not as though we are getting this news anywhere else. Nothing on the BBC at all, and the Camden New Journal doesn’t come out again until next Thursday.

  2. Albert Beale says:

    Albert Beale
    5 Caledonian Rd, N1
    (020-7278 4474)

    When I cycled off from my Kings Cross office between 2am and 3am, heading down towards Bloomsbury, the Argyle Street road closure (from the Euston Road end) was still in place – and indeed the Euston Road pavement all the way west along to the bus stop was taped off. The police guarding the boundary were still non-committal, simply saying they were protecting a crime scene.

    It then turned out that the closure zone was much bigger, including Tonbridge Walk, part of Bidborough Street behind the Town Hall, the end of Hasting Street, much (possibly most) of Tonrbdige Street – in other words the whole area centred on Argyle Primary School in Tonbridge Street.

    I didn’t stop to loop right round the area, but the closure might well have included more to the south-east too, such as Whidborne Street, the other arm of Argyle Street running along to Grays Inn Road, and so on.

    Further down Judd Street, near Leigh Street, there were a load of (empty) police cars and vans parked, suggesting quite a number of police at work within the closure zone at that stage.

    Albert Beale

  3. Greg Cowan says:

    Crimes on or near Argyle Street WC1 in March 2011 alone
    Burglary 1
    Vehicle crime 1
    Violent crime 1
    Other crime 8

    Anthony Leader of Bloomsbury charged with last year’s murder in Caledonian Rd:

  4. Clare Hill says:

    Thanks to Toby, as it was you who raised the alarm. Sadly we still do not know who the victim is.

    Horrible incident to one side for a moment, the comments above show citizen journalism and collaboration in action, running alongside broader local press that understandably can’t be everywhere at once, especially in the middle of the night.

    Please do continue to help piece the story together.

    Here are some further details from the Met:

    Police were called to the scene of a fight on 12 May at 7.10pm in Argyle Street. A man in his 30s was found with stab wounds. Paramedics attended and he was pronounced dead at 7.44pm. No arrests have been made. The police are putting together an appeal for information, which will be released shortly.

  5. James says:

    Suspect Marvin Bailey arrested:


    This Twitter user appears to be a Camden & Islington Trust insider with a somewhat negative outlook:

    “That stabbing in King’s Cross is going to present problems. Victim.& perp. are Trust patients.”
    “Wonder how Gordon Harrison & his logo will respond 2 the King’s Cross murder. News management is not his greatest strength.”


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