Underage Drinking in the Caledonian Road Area

Cap area - colour Louise Brown, Senior Communications and Marketing Officer for Islington Council just advised The Community Bulletin Board that a new scheme has been launched to tackle underage drinking in the Caledonian Road area (click on map to enlarge).

The Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) brings together the council, police, youth services and retailers to reduce the crime, anti-social behaviour and harm caused by underage drinking in the Caledonian Road area. The map attached shows the area the CAP is covering.
There are similar schemes around the country but this is the first inner London CAP. There is more information about the CAP in the press release at http://www.islington.gov.uk/Council/CouncilNews/PressOffice/2011/04/PR4369.asp and at www.islington.gov.uk/cap.
For those of you who are interested the Council is doing a resident survey at the outset of the project, to gauge residents perceptions of the issues. The link to the survey is on the website at www.islington.gov.uk/cap
If you have any questions, please let Louise Brown know –

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