Desperately needed housing is put at risk

Dobbo Speaking in the House of Commons yesterday, one of the two MP's representing the King's Cross area – Frank Dobson MP (Holborn & St Pancras) said, "There is meant to be the building of a lot of social housing on the King’s Cross railway lands behind King’s Cross station, but I understand that the project has been set back because Ministers are not prepared to help the private developer comply with the section 106 agreement that the developer entered into in order to get on and build some new flats. As a final encore from the Government, they are proposing not just to prevent the building of new social housing, but to knock down social housing for 360 people who live in the blocks of flats that will have to be knocked down if High Speed 2 is going to come into Euston, which is itself a ridiculous proposition."

Not only is our area potentially losing the community gains we should be entitled to as a result of the King's Cross Central Development, but our neighbours in Euston's Regent's Park Estate are going to lose their homes. King's Cross and Euston need Government intervention… should we hold our breath?

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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1 Response to Desperately needed housing is put at risk

  1. R Jacobs says:

    I know this is probably going against the point of this article, but I would much rather see the proposed area being converted into some green space and possibly a nice park. The immediate vicinity around the station has not been blessed with a good park and it would benefit the people who live around there – especially those with young kids who need to travel for a park to play in.
    Kings cross is already so congested with people and traffic, do we really need more??

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