Regent’s Quarter Block D – Work to Begin…Finally

Logo The Bulletin Board heard from John Henderson of P & O Estates that work will begin shortly on Block D (bordered by York Way, Wharfdale Road, Crinan Street and Railway Street.  You might have already seen the scaffolding on Wharfdale Road.  These folks are specifically working on the social housing that will be part of this phase of the development.  John’s alert related to the rest of the Block D which includes the old “red brick” warehouse and the empty lots on Railway Street.

P & O Estates will be putting out a newsletter to keep local residents informed about the work and provide contact details should there be any problems.  You can get the newsletter here:Download Issue1 residents newsletter 03.03.11

If you want to get onto the mailing list to receive these newsletters directly please email : 

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4 Responses to Regent’s Quarter Block D – Work to Begin…Finally

  1. sean says:

    Thanks for this Stephan. When you say the Red Brick Warehouse, do you mean the place where the dance studio is?

    Also, it’s welcome that regeneration continues but very disappointing Block E (The lighthouse building) has failed to be refurbished. This iconic and perception setting building is now well over due some TLC. I wonder if there are council led options? Even an art installation to mark the arrival of St Martins might be possible…

  2. Jon Ward says:

    Hi there,
    when I email the mailing list address, it comes back with a ‘failed delivery’
    Is this just me or is the email address wrong?

  3. Stephan says:

    You are correct email address is not working properly. I have asked John Henderson to fix. In the meantime, I suggest you write him directly at

  4. Andrew says:

    Just went to to get the latest on the rework of Block D….seems as if the website has been rebuilt….it doesn’t have much info other than the a “Launch weekend” for properties for sale in Block D, 11am to 7pm, 22/23 October, 23rd Floor, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong.

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