Working class guy aged over 25 with time on your hands?

If you are local to Somers Town, St Pancras or Regent's Park (all immediately west of King's Cross Station) then Plan C could be for you. Sessions are free and can be booked by sending Myriam of Plan C an email or ringing her on 07505 676 706Plan C is based at Somer's Town Community Association. Myriam has just started the Plan C website, watch that space for more news…

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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2 Responses to Working class guy aged over 25 with time on your hands?

  1. m mcd says:

    How can this be addressed only at men? Surely there are working class women over 25 who might have time on their hands, and enjoy free classes?

  2. Sophie Talbot says:

    @M Mcd. Purely being done on the basis of the local index of deprivation showing working class men 25+ scoring very highly indeed. Other programmes do exist for other groups coming high on the local indices and we post about them on their start dates or when they have particular news. Believe me, a problematic posting for me too being a feminist, but on balance in this particular context one I felt was totally appropriate to make. Hope that explains!!!

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