Get involved in the future of neighbourhood policing!

Islington_bannerThe following was received from Claire Clark, Chief Inspector Neighbourhood Policing, Islington so we thought it important to pass along.

Safer Neighbourhoods Teams have made a significant difference to safety and confidence across London. 

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) remains committed to delivering effective neighbourhood policing that focuses on the safety of local people and ensures a visible local policing presence in all our communities.  We are committed to maintaining named officers in every neighbourhood in London who are responsible for identifying and tackling local crime and anti-social behaviour.

The MPS is currently carrying out a review of Safer Neighbourhoods Teams across London.  The purpose of the review is to find better ways of using current neighbourhood policing resources to meet the needs of the local community, and ensure local police teams continue to deliver an effective and relevant service in the right place at the right times.  The review will focus on the locations of Safer Neighbourhoods teams, what they do and how they are structured.

The review will be carried out by gathering the thoughts and feedback of local partners, such as the local authority and members of the community.  This feedback will help plan any possible future changes.  No changes will be made without talking to local partners and community members.

You can be involved in the review by completing an online questionnaire.  The questions will gather your thoughts about neighbourhood policing in your area and will play a valuable part in shaping plans for the future of neighbourhood policing in London.

You can find the questionnaire at:

 Thank you for your time and contribution.

Claire CLARK| Chief Inspector Neighbourhood Policing |Islington OCU |
MetPhone 20304 | Telephone 0207 4210304 | mobile  07920 835558 | Address Islington Police Station, 2 Tolpuddle Street, London, N1 0YY

You might also want to check out the website of our own Safer Neighbourhood Team – Go to:

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