York Way kebab take-away refused planning permission



Local residents have just learned that The Department for Communities and Local Government is considering an appeal against this Council’s decision to refuse planning permission (dated 12 October 2010) for the following development at 2B, York Way, Islington, London, N1 9AA:

P100224: Change of use to hot food take-away (A5 use class), installation of new shopfront including awning, along with extract ducting.

To understand why the applicant is appealing, you can see his letter here: Download 2B York Way Grounds of Appeal

The appeal will be dealt with by written representations which must be received by 24 January (they will be ignored, if received after that date).  There are two ways in which you can file your comments.

The first and easiest is to file comments online.  To do this go to the link below straight to the planning portals case search box and enter the case number 2141070 into the case reference.  You will get the 2B York Way appeal.  Then click the case reference number (APP/V5570/A/10/2141070) and page down where you will see a link to comment.


If you wish to submit comments via the post, you must send three copies to the below address by 24 January 2011. If your additional comments are submitted after the deadline the Inspector will not normally look at them and they will be returned

The Planning Inspectorate
Room: Room: 3/18a
Temple Quay House
2 The Square, Temple Quay

Please be sure to quote reference APP/V5570/A/10/214070/NWF on all correspondence.



Earlier Story:

After unauthorized attempts to convert the subject shop from a coffee shop serving cold sandwiches, to a take-away kebab shop serving hot food, the Planning Department put it's foot down and refused the owners retrospective application.

Read the full story here.

This is a big victory for the concept of regeneration and is hopfully a positive sign on the Planning Committee's attitude to respect and support local residents desires over the future development of the King's Cross area.


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2 Responses to York Way kebab take-away refused planning permission

  1. Sean Murray says:

    Thanks to Paul Convery for his support and action on this. The planning decision has come at a good time – as many of us were becoming very sad and concerned about the worsening state of York Way. This is a welcome boost and a reminder that *we* can make a difference and be heard. There are several other concerns to sort in York Way but this decision is most welcome by all those in and around Regent Quarter.

  2. Aron Cronin says:

    This business is being advertised for sale in the window of APS estate agents, rental £20,000 with a premium of £190,000. Must be one hell of a good business if it really can command a premium that large.

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