York Way Kebab Take-away Appeals Council’s Decision to Refused Planning Permission

Cafe After winning the battle with a local Kebab take-away local residents have now learned that the operator is seeking an appeal against this Council’s decision to refuse planning permission for the following development at 2B, York Way, Islington, London, N1 9AA:

P100224: Change of use to hot food take-away (A5 use class), installation of new shopfront including awning, along with extract ducting.

Cafe_new_front This is bad news and local residents/councillors will again have to object to continue the fight to protect their environment from these developments.

However some discretion should be used.  In the interim, the establishment HAS modified their signage and the new look is a considerable improvement over the past look.  The photo to the right is the way the place currently looks.

What still remains is their desire to move from being a "coffee/sandwich bar" to a hot-food (kebab) take-away.

To find out exactly what to do to file your objection, please go to the earlier story, which has now been updated with the actions require and is just below this posting.

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