How the Priory Green estate has changed

Priory green There's a wonderful post over on the Peabody site talking about the transformation of the Priory Green estate over the last ten years – the estate between the Cally Road and Pentonville Road. Tony Molloy once area manager writes:

'At the time Priory Green estate was infamous for issues of vice. Between 80 and 100 used needles were found most weeks, many left spike up in the grass to ward off residents. I remember my shock at seeing hundreds of needles removed from the lift pits, and communal areas openly used by drug dealers and prostitutes.'

'Today my biggest surprise is not the physical changes but how well Priory Green estate is cared for after so many years of neglect. It is unrecognisable from the rundown estate it once was, and it is safe. The play equipment is used by children, needles are no longer an issue and the community is not plagued with crime.'

Have a read of the whole article with some great before and after pictures.  We'd love to hear in the comments any memories of Priory Green.  Also have a look at Barnsbury Living – a lovely site about the modern Priory Green that I was delighted to help out with.  Thanks to Martin O'Donnell for the tip off.

The modernist architecture by Berthold Lubetkin isn't to everyone's taste, but in another 50 years could well be as fondly regarded as Gothic revival.  It's interesting to note that the estate is not listed.



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2 Responses to How the Priory Green estate has changed

  1. Richard Appiah-Oppong says:

    I just googled Priory Green out of the blue having returned to Ghana after seven and half years with Peabody Trust and personally overseeing the physical transformation of Priory Estate as the Development Manager.

    I recall a design consultation on how to secure the estate that I innocently went consulting a known local prostitute on how to keep her customers out. Resolving the many security problems without creating a fortress was the most serious design challenge although working in such dense environment with residents in occupation came a very close second. I am chuffed to read such positive review of Priory Green.

  2. brian percival says:

    i was one of the first tenants to move into priory green when it was first built we never walked on the grass because it said keep off cartaker very strict spotless estate then mother had to wash one flight off stairs once a week and we had a street party on estate for coranation every one new each other my days there as a child were great

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