UPDATE – 8 Caledonia Street – Change of Use – Restaurant A3 to Bar/Drinking Establishment A4

As one of the objectors to this licensing application, I have just been notified that this application will be approved by the Planning Department under their delagated powers.  Please read the letter that I received from the Council to understand the reasons for their approval.

 Download Council_response_to_application

Recently we've have heard about a new policy that the Council will be using to try to control drinking in the Borough based on "saturation," however it appears that this policy would not come into play regarding this particular situation.  If you wish to comment more about this, please use the comments section below as I know our Councillor Paul Convery would be interested in hearing them and he is a subscriber to our Bulletin Board.

The Community Bulletin Board as just received notification of Planning Application P101970 submitted for a change of use for 8 Caledonia Street, currently operating as a restaurant, the Kitchin N1.  The application states: Change of use from A3 (restaurant) to A4 (bar/drinking establishment) on semi-basement floor.

Proposed Hours of Operation for BAR/Anticipated Licensed Hours

                                      Opening         Last Orders      Premises Closes
Sunday – Wednesday        11:00 am       01:30 am          02:00 am
Thursday – Saturday         11:00 am       02:30 am          03:00 am

The Application is currently with the Case Officer David Farndon who can be contacted on 0207 527 2115 or planning@islington.gov.uk for more information.  Comments on this application must be made by 25-Nov-2010 and can be done via email or online, by clicking the link that takes you to the application.

Click here to see the full application

It is not clear why this Application is being filed as we would have assumed that this establishment already has the appropriate planning and licensing documents to serve alcohol, however I believe any change of use to a bar w/o a restaurant would not be in the best interest of our neighbourhood.  The size of this place could easily make it a massive drinking venue, and one must assume the change in use would allow drinking without the need to serve food!

It should be interesting to see how the Council's new "saturation policy" on the number of bars/drinking establishments in a particular area will handle this new application for an area that already has numberous late-night licenses!

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7 Responses to UPDATE – 8 Caledonia Street – Change of Use – Restaurant A3 to Bar/Drinking Establishment A4

  1. Sean Murray says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this. I am trying to find out from our managing agents (The same agents for all of Regent Quarter or whatever you prefer to call it!) the detail behind the application eg: full-scale late nigh bar change or restaurant with late night basement bit. We’ll update when we hear…

  2. Will says:

    Is this changing from a restaurant to a bar (no food) or partly turning into a bar after certain hours?

  3. Sean Murray says:

    We’re trying to find out. Hope to update soon,,,

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi, I have been told by Islington that this application relates to “…the ‘semi-basement floor'”.

    I have had a second look at the Exisitng and Proposed Floor Plan, and it isn’t clear which areas this is, but I can guess that it is the “Bar Floor” – the smaller bar area between the restaurant (on the ground floor) and the courtyard that it shares with Camino. Still, I am not 100% sure on this, a bit of a guess.

    Sean -> would be good to know if you get any more details.

  5. Sean Murray says:

    Update: I have been told by the managing agents, there is NO actual basement beneath the Kitchen as it’s used as a service area, so you may well be right. I will update when we know more…

  6. Andrew says:

    Hi, I have been chasing Islington without any luck. Anyone else have news on what the licence covers.

  7. anonymousED says:

    Actually I’m rather pleased about this application. The area is really coming alive with all the new bars and restaurants. I don’t know why anyone wants to object to the gentrification of what was only a few years ago a complete dive of an area.

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