More on the Camden King’s Cross scandal…

KingscrossLBC The shaded areas marked 1-5 on this map are what LB Camden thinks is King's Cross if we are to take their consultation paper "Shaping the Future of King's Cross" at face value (see article below).

If we don't take it at face value and assume LBC is not ignorant of the historical, social and geographic location of King's Cross (I live directly above the 'o' of the label King's Cross on their map) then what on earth are they playing at and why are they flagrantly wasting public funds with a fundamentally flawed consultation process at the very time they have publicly stated they will be working more closely with LB Islington, the borough where the rest of King's Cross lies? 

The problems we face as a result of being split between the two boroughs need to be addressed face on, not exacerbated in this way. Luckily, Paul Convery Head of Regeneration and Planning at LB Islington together with Sue Vincent who has a similar portfolio at LB Camden are working behind the scenes to sort all this out.

It was the frustration of the daily practical drawbacks of being cross-borough that led some of us to set up King's Cross Community Projects (KCCP). This charitable trust focuses on a small area which could easily be expanded for this consultation to include the whole Maiden Lane Estate to the north and all the areas to the south which are also ignored. The catchment area for KCCP is a half mile radius around the station (shown here as a map and as a logo):


About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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6 Responses to More on the Camden King’s Cross scandal…

  1. Leah Dixon says:

    I live off Grays Inn road, at the Kings Cross end, in the borough of Camden and I’m not being considered in this plan. As usual we fall into a no mans land that is constantly ignored. Yes the redevelopment does have a major impact on us and hopefully we will benefit from it but I’m not at all surprised we will be left out of the consultation. As has been true for the 5 years I’ve lived here (and I’m sure before that) Kings Cross is not just separated by borough, it is also sliced apart by Euston Road, York Way and Pentonville. There are little pockets of communities all over what I consider to be Kings Cross (larger area than in the consultation paper) but unfortunately they are not joined up-EVER. Not even in this ‘consultation’. I have felt extremely isolated in the tiny pocket of Kings Cross that I live in with no high street to ‘bump’ into other residents like other areas I have lived in. There are plenty of factors that have been missed in this plan, not least the inclusion of the residents of the whole of Kings Cross.

  2. Agree with Sophie and Leah – we should all get involved in the latest consultation, I really hope local people can use this as a forum to find simple ways to get the area working. A few of us are interested in calming the gyratory system (Euston York Way Pentonville etc) and claiming the area back into local ‘ownership’ for people who want the streets to be more liveable and walkable. The 20C traffic system and streets need to be reformed for the 21C.


  3. Diana Shelley says:

    It’s sometimes hard not to think that Camden planners go out of their way to be offensive (yes, we’ve had years of it). There is no one living in Area 2 (or not since Argent cleared the 20 residents of Goodsway Moorings). There are several thousand people living on the eastern side of York Way, which is just as much King’s Cross, and rather nearer to it than Maiden Lane (though I’m glad that Maiden Lane are included, as they so often aren’t). Hope to see you at one of the sessions!

  4. Clare Hill says:

    Absolutely agree with Leah’s comments, very well put. It’s infuriating that South King’s Cross is constantly forgotten. How ironic that they’ve circled an area where no one lives, and completely omitted anything south of Euston Road, where, umm, quite a few people live. And there’s no semantic excuses either: Camden officers obviously failed to see where their ward called KING’S CROSS actually is (completely South of Euston Road). I’m sure the ward is named so for a reason. Same goes for King’s Cross Road – the name gives a good clue as to where another bit of King’s Cross the authors of the map are unaware of, is situated.

  5. deeniestar says:

    why choose to live there then moan? Grays Inn Lane is not for children!

  6. Gregory says:

    See discussion about the neighbourhood also on

    ps ‘deeniestar’ what is “Gray’s Inn Lane”? A Tom-Tom error?

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