LB Camden consults on improvements to York Way

York-Way York Way, now the only way to get to and fro the tube, train, buses and taxi ranks from the north east side of King's Cross St Pancras has long been unfit for purpose. Closure of the York Way entrance to the station in April 2009 and Network Rail's refusal to replace the much needed northern access by restoring the original bridge has resulted in increased overcrowding for pedestrians struggling along the totally inadequate pavements either side of the heavily polluted York Way canyon. The long promised improvement scheme for which LB Camden has secured funding from Network Rail via a planning gain S106 agreement, is out for consultation, deadline for responses 31 October 2010.

York-Way-consultation-area Unfortunately it does not include improvements to the horrendous crossing at the junction of York Way/Euston Road/Pentonville Road as this is to be consulted on by Transport for London at a later date. Also unfortunate is the very, very small area included in the consultation process given how many people on the north east side of King's Cross use York Way every day (see picture on the right).

It is not clear from the consultation documents whether the excellent study by Living Streets into walk-ability around King's Cross Station has been taken into account.

If you would like to make your views known on the proposed two options for York Way improvements, an online version of the documents should be available from LB Camden later today. Meanwhile, the documents can also be viewed from the links below.

Download York Way Consultation leaflet

Download York_Way_Consultation_Plan

Download Consultation Questionnaire





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Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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11 Responses to LB Camden consults on improvements to York Way

  1. Tobias Newland says:

    Greg and I met last night and we are going to a review of the Living Streets/TRL report for Kings Cross Environment and chase up on it with Camden, Islington and TfL simultaneously.

  2. Ian says:

    The red line which delineates the consultation area is ridiculous, given that many many more people from homes in the area are forced to negotiate the chaos at the bottom of York Way.
    There is no mention of the constant blocking of the road by taxis using it as a drop off point, despite there being no provision for it.

  3. stephan says:

    This consultation is a total waste of time and money. After looking at the two options on offer the only difference seems to be the way that parking is handled on the East side of the street. Why bother offering two options that are almost exactly the same.

    We want York Way to have traffic in both directions. This will slow down traffic and take East/West traffic off of Wharfdale Road. Many residents have requested this time and time again. At one point it was offered as a trade for the narrowing of Caledonia Street, and was later withdrawn after the street was narrowed.

    I hope others read this comment and speak out against this con!

  4. Andy Elvers says:

    I find it difficult to comment without knowing what TFL are to consult on about the junction of York Way with Euston Rd, Pentonville Road and Grays Inn Road (which is actually “Kings Cross” if I understand correctly). The big problem here is that this is the edge of the Congestion Charging Zone and TFL will not allow anything here that slows down the volume of traffic who can drive around the edge of the zone. To do so would be construed as forcing drivers into the zone and paying more which will be politically unacceptable for TFL and The Mayor.

    Personally I like the idea of widening the pavement next to the station (on the west side).
    I very much like the idea of a pedestrian crossing north of the bus stop (but I suspect the lights here will be in sync with those at Kings Cross so as not to lower the traffic capacity of York Way).

    I don’t like pushing the bus stop down into the cab drop off area. If you think cabbies will stop dropping people off here you don’t live on Planet Earth – they won’t stop unless they get fined for doing so.

    It was TFL that stopped the change to York Way. Unless the whole gyratory is updated it will stay that way. Unless you can update the gyratory and keep the volume of traffic passing through Kings Cross then TFL and the Mayor will block the changes every time.

  5. stuart cottis says:

    Stephan – I completely agree. I have asked Camden what consultation they have undertaken with Islington on this. Contrary to posts earlier this year, it appears that having both Councils under the same political control matters not a jot to doing a bit of joined up thinking! I have responded stating that York Way really must return to being a 2-way thoroughfare if the constant traffic congestion is to be sorted at the same time as making the street more pedestrian-friendly. Surely TfL need to organise a masterplan for the road (it being an A-road) and then Camden could contribute the s106 monies to this. I will try and scan a copy of my consultation response so it can be posted here. Stuart

  6. Sean Murray says:

    This is a real dilemma for those who live in this stretch of York Way. I think we all share a similar vision of less car space, more pavements, better lighting and two way traffic – not dissimilar to the changes in Shoreditch BUT this is a much bigger project straddling many agencies. There is no clear lead on this and no time-scales attached. The risk is Camden receive feedback that the community do not want what’s on the table and we wait years for a bigger project that may or may not happen.

    I will be supporting the improvements as I believe the risk is too great. I’ll also ask for confirmation on:

    > When the TFL review and recommendation of the Euston Rd junction will be available.
    > Whether the 1 metre addition to the York Way West pavement is additional to what is in place NOW. (The pavement was already widened around 1m to accommodate the scaffolding when the Eastern range was refurbished)

    Also, I will raise the concern that the most southern end, before the Zebra, does not appear to be any different and, on paper, looks like an area where traffic will fight to enter the one lane.

    In response to Andy, the Taxis ARE permitted to set-down in the area you describe but not pick up. When the station entrances move to the St Pancras side, I doubt many Taxi’s will want to drop off here and will choose the new Taxi central point between the two stations – or least we hope so!

  7. The response form on Camden’s web site (and linked from here) is one you can’t complete on the computer: you have to print it out and write by hand. Huh. And I note that responses must be in by today, Sunday 31 October. All this on top of the narrow scope of the consultation area. Michael Edwards, Kings Cross Railway lands Group.

  8. Sophie Talbot says:

    No worries! I’ll be posting my response up later this evening. I’ll be sending an email making sure I’ve included all the information asked for on the form… It’s one of those accessibility things – so many organisations think that by giving you a ‘simple’ form to reply with it makes your life easier – it’s all well intentioned. Unfortunately, it doesn’t clearly signpost that you can respond in the way you feel is most convenient for you as long as you include the relevant info…. Hope you still put in your response tonight Michael… all the best!

  9. Later that day: We did get a comment in to Camden, much improved by the quality of the discussion above, so thanks everyone for that. Our members are very scathing about this shrimp of a scheme, but there is support for going ahead if to do otherwise could jeopardise anything being done – cf Sean above. Our response at King’s Cross Railway Lands Group

  10. Sean Murray says:

    Good to hear Michael – it is a dliemma but I believe we’re making the right call.

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