HAVE YOUR SAY: Review of the Licensing Policy – Licensing Act 2003

For some time this writer and others have "railed on" about the Licensing Policy in Islington (or in my view, lack of it!) that created and ever increasing number of "late-night" premises licenses in our area – specificlly those allowing the sale of liquor).  I know many of you out there share my concern so now is the time to have your voices heard.  The Bulletin Board has just received the following information from Simon Gallacher of the Licensing Department requesting local residents views on the Borough's Licencing Policy.  PLEASE READ THIS AND RESPOND AS REQUESTED.  We will not get another chance to have our voices hear as to what we want our community to be like!

Every three years Islington Council reviews its licensing policy. The policy explains how the council, as a licensing authority, promotes the licensing objectives whilst carrying out its functions under the Licensing Act 2003.  The Licensing Objectives are:

  • Prevention of Public Nuisance
  • Prevention of Crime and Disorder
  • Public Safety
  • Protecting Children from Harm

The current policy expires in 2011.  A new policy has been drafted containing some significant changes.  We are keen to hear your views on the proposed changes, as well your views generally about licensing in Islington.  A copy of the new draft policy can be downloaded from:


A short questionnaire is available via the following link:


Your views are important and this is your opportunity to have your say about licensing in Islington.  If you have any questions about the survey or would like to request a paper copy of either the questionnaire or the draft policy then please contact the Licensing Service on 020 7527 3031 or email: licensing@islington.gov.uk.

 Please have your say before the consultation period closes on 15 November 2010

 Simon Gallacher
Licensing Officer
Licensing Team
Public Protection Division
Environment and Regeneration
Islington Council
3rd Floor, 222 Upper Street, London N1 1XR
Tel: (020) 7527 3879  
Alternative contact: Terrie Lane (020) 7527 3233

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