Kings Cross sex shop closed down by council and faces £34,000 bill

Priate books kings cross Good to see the council taking some enforcement action and tackling the long standing unlicensed Pirate Books at 4 York Way.  The shop was an eyesore for people arriving in Kings Cross and redolent of the Kings Cross of the 1980-90s.

On the Cally Road resident led action led to the licensed Soho Books sex shop having an attractive shop front – for some time the best on that stretch of road.  So its good to see this one being sorted out by the council.  Also on that bit of the Cally the Paradise Island brothel is now an estate agent, though it’s debatable how much progress that represents…

Paul Convery reports over on the Cally Councillors blog:

‘Islington Council has successfully prosecuted the owners and operators of an unlicensed sex shop at Kings Cross. Today, September 29th, Highbury Magistrates ordered fines and costs totalling £35,360.

Cally Councillors have welcomed the prosecution of “Pirate Bookshop” at 4 York Way.

The defendants were Maria O’Sullivan and her company Ballaction London Ltd. The company was fined £17,500 plus £2,830 costs and £15 victim support surcharge.

Mrs O’Sullivan is the sole director of the company and was personally fined £15,000 plus £15 victim support surcharge. The case was brought under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.

Maria O’Sullivan is the mother of snooker star Ronnie O’Sullivan. She has attempted to run several sex-related businesses in north London over recent years and was jailed for a year in 1996 for tax evasion.

Caledonian Ward Councillor Paul Convery said “I am very pleased that the Council’s case has been successful. For nearly 5 years, we have repeatedly called for legal action against unlicensed sex shops in Kings Cross. The first step in ridding the area of its vice reputation is to get rid of every vice-related business, particularly the ones that refuse to be licensed by the local authority. Our policy is simple – zero tolerance against all types of sleazy and illegal sex related activities.”

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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11 Responses to Kings Cross sex shop closed down by council and faces £34,000 bill

  1. Stuart says:

    This is excellent news. And something I’ve been waiting for since moving to the area. Next one to close will hopefully be the pleasure garden of Caledonian Road.

  2. Stephan says:

    Finally, after hearing for years that there was nothing that could be done about this place because it WAS UNLICENSED, we have action.

    Other then Soho Books which IS a licensed sex shop, but adhears to very strict conditions about the exterior of its shop, this is the last of the “sleazy” stores to go.

    Now it’s time to move onto the next and most recent problem, street drinkers loitering all around King’s Cross Station. Let’s hope we can stop this latest problem before it gets worse.

  3. M@ says:

    Shame, in a way, though. Admit it. We’ve all amused ourselves by imagining it’s actually a shop that specialises in books about pirates.

    But then I see the crimes against apostrophes on the window and agree that it should walk the plank.

  4. Sean Murray says:

    Encouraging news but the sex store is still open and trading. This may not be a development that closes the bookstore 😦

  5. Andrew says:

    Yes, good news, I just hope that whatever goes in there is not yet another kebab shop! 🙂

  6. Paul Convery says:

    ‘afraid 4 York Way is not being “closed down” as the headline in this story suggests. The Council doesn’t have the power to close them down, just to keep prosecuting (which Islington Council is going to keep on doing until they go out of business). Sadly, the framers of the 1982 Act didn’t quite realise that fining alone may not be enough. As I recall, it was Westminster City Council’s desire to clean-up Soho which led to the sections in the 1982 Act. They went after unlicensed businesses with same gusto that we have now injected into Islington’s regulatory activity.

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  11. jim says:

    nothing seems to have got better and it never will i was brought up in the buildings and the only good thing was the people as long as there is a rail way you will have all the trouble i lived at the buildings from 1944 to 1960

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