Choudury Mansions, Pembroke Street – old Marquis of Salisbury pub

P1030465 There is a revolting mess of rubbish in the bin yard of Choudury Mansions on Pembroke Street which I am reporting to the council as a health hazard.  I then found out from this Islington Tribune article and discussion with Cllr Convery that this ugly building is scheduled for demolition in a rare example of planning enforcement action by Islington Council.

Choudhury Mansions at 70 Pembroke street, is on the site of the old Marquis of Salisbury pub – (used to be at 64 Freeling Street on the old grid pattern).  The old pub was an isolated survivor of the slum clearances, hard by  the Bemerton Estate and it was a shame to see it replaced by such an ugly oversized building crammed into the space. But it turns out that the developer was in breach of his planning permission.  According to the Tribune, the planning inspector said:

“The overall difference is so marked that I am in no doubt that what has been built is not the approved building.”

So the council is embroiled in a long process while the devleoper tries to wriggle through loop holes.  The latest papers are online.  It's nice to see some firm action being taken against am awful building – let's hope a more apropriate community use can be found for the site or it can be adapted to improve the gateway to the Bemerton Estate.

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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4 Responses to Choudury Mansions, Pembroke Street – old Marquis of Salisbury pub

  1. Eva says:

    This very morning I thought to myself that I’ve had enough of this mess of rubbish by Choudury Mansions (pictured above) and it’s time to take some action. I couldn’t be happier to see that somebody else has noticed that too. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do about this issue. I’m sick of looking at it (and smelling it) everytime I walk past Choudury Mansions! Frankly, I can’t believe people have balconies facing this awful bin yard!

  2. Tony Rees says:

    The old Marquis pub was rather a nice building and I looked the possibility of extending it for the owner some years ago and was told “no chance” by the planners. So I was surprised to see the this great lump in its place. I was later told by the planners that it was not built to the approved drawings and had an extra floor! Let’s hope they don’t back off this one, a few letters of support wouldn’t hurt.

    Tony Rees

  3. Paul Convery says:

    I got notification today that the developer has submitted yet another appeal against the decision last month to refuse a last ditch attempt to get a valid planning permission. The planning committee’s reasons for refusal were really watertight and it would be extraordinary if his appeal were granted. His last appeal against the original demolition order gave hime a tiny window of opportunity to regularise things. The application he eventually submitted was quite ridiculous and I don’t believe that a planning inspector will give him any benefit of the doubt. Councillors will make absolutely sure that the Council presents the strongest possible case to the Inspector … and as Tony Rees suggests, some letters of support for the Council’s refusal would be most welcome. I will post the relevant notification letters (which includes a synopsis of the Council reasons) on the Caledonian Councillors website at

  4. bnann says:

    What a pity that these things are not advertised more: i know people who have just rented the place with no idea of this status (definite demolition order). If it is going to be demolished shouldn’t it be clearly indicated all over/around the building?

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