Another Kings Cross street closure – Caledonia Street 25 Sept- 2Oct

This closure for water main works from 25 September to 2 October or completion, whichever is the sooner.  This will mean a lot more taxis down Wharfdale Road.P1030431

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4 Responses to Another Kings Cross street closure – Caledonia Street 25 Sept- 2Oct

  1. Albert Beale says:

    Albert Beale
    5 Caledonian Road

    Assuming the initial hole that’s been dug is as much as they’re digging up – I know that’s a big assumption, but it’s been stable for a couple of days – then although the road width is narrowed, it’s not impassable to small vehicles if they drive slightly onto the opposite kerb. (And it’s certainly no problem for bikes!)

    I’ve seen cars and taxis seeing the situation, and ignoring the half-hearted “road closed” signs.

    Tesco delivery lorries, on the other hand, can’t get down to stop at the end of Caledonia Street to unload, and hence are stopping on Caledonian Road, and illegally blocking the pedestrian crossing outside Tesco – or at least illegally stopping on the zigzags which are supposed to safeguard it. So if this obstruction in Caledonia Street really does continue for the rest of the week (the scale of it suggests it _might_ be about to disappear again imminently), then the biggest danger is not from extra taxis in Wharfedale Road but from Tesco delvieries in Caledonian Road.

  2. Albert Beale says:

    From Albert Beale again…

    Tuesday night update:

    The “road closed” signs have now been completely run down/mangled. The situation has been static since the weekend – ie (a) no expansion of the hole, meaning that small vehicles continue to chance their luck and (by driving up onto the kerb) getting past, and (b) no sign of any work at all being done or having been done since the hole was dug…

  3. Albert Beale says:

    A belated update – as of Thursday pm, the hole had been filled in (badly!), and at least one of the driven-over “road closed” signs was still in the gutter at the York Way end.

    And in all that time I never once saw any work being done between the hole being dug and being filled in again, which suggests that whatever work did take place was quite brief, and definitely didn’t require a nominal road closure for the best part of a week, when a few hours – at most – would have sufficed. Does Islington police this kind of thing, and chase up whichever utility it was?

    Where’s John Major’s famous Cones Hotline when you need it?!?

  4. Albert Beale says:

    Final (?) update … The battered road signs have been removed this week, at last.

    The hole has subsided nicely – making it a pain for cyclists.

    Albert Beale

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