These streets aren’t made for walking…


The seemingly unending saga of the complete and utter mess that is the King's Cross gyratory continues. Following on from Ian Macpherson's excellent letter in our local paper, journalist Peter Gruner followed up last week with the article above (click the image for the full piece). The word from Living Streets, producer of the excellent report into walkability here, is that Camden and Islington – our two boroughs – need to use their new joined-up cross-borough working arrangements to make a real, practical difference to KX.


The out of date and frankly dangerous KX gyratory system

Watch this space, we'll continue to press for the complete removal of the KX gyratory to improve this area for all road users – yes it'd even be better for the thousands of  cars, buses and heavy goods vehicles that pass through each day.

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Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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5 Responses to These streets aren’t made for walking…

  1. Andy says:

    I want to see what these alternative proposals are. Because when I sit and think about it I just dont see how you can get as much traffic through any other way.

    I agree that the pedestrian situation at the bottom of York Way is crazy. The pavement on the station side is too narrow for a start. There needs to be a pededtrian crossing part way up York Way, maybe outside EC Harris. This would help slow down the traffic which does see it as a grand prix, and mean that more people like myself would walk up York Way a little and not use the crossing at the bottom opposite McDonalds.

  2. Laura Herald says:

    The buses appear to be a major factor of the pedestrian problems. Try walking down from Goods Way to the station entrance (oh how i miss the platform 0 cut through) when one or more bus loads of people are waiting. The addition of the shelter, while welcome im sure in the rain, is complete madness.

  3. Andrew says:

    Why doesn’t Argent build a proper bus shelter/exchange between the stations, or elsewhere on the large site, rather than on York Way which is just a mess with all the buses? Would also be better for people arriving/departing from St Pancras.

  4. Laura Herald says:

    I think there will be shelters outside the Gym at the start of the boulevard headed north.

    it wont pick up all the routes, just those crossing the new canal bridge and passing through KXC.

  5. The road fatality in front of the station opposite the ‘Lighthouse’ on Monday suggests much is to be done here, especially with the influx of thousands of students and staff associated with the new Central St Martins campus and with the area’s role as a transport interchange for 2012 Olympic Games

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