King Charles 1st – best local contender

King Charles IFancy a local pint? Then do yourself a big favour and visit the King Charles 1st on Northdown Street where downing a heavenly brew won't necessarily result in losing your head.

Locally known as 'the craic house', the Charles prides itself in serving east London's fabulous Brodies Beers, including one created just for them, a dark, delicious bitter not for the faint hearted.bordies fabulous

As you enter the pub you'll see the three hand pumps, often including a London lager, notice the traditional bar billiard table – perhaps have a game, and drink in a very traditional, very welcoming old British pub atmosphere complete with wonderfully idiosyncratic interior. A treat for us women real ale enthusiasts is the chandelier in the tiny ladies!

Feeling peckish? Do not fear, just bring your takeway with you as you are very welcome to eat it at the pub. If you like Thai, order from the Royal Thai just around the corner and they'll deliver it direct to your table at the Charles complete with crockery and cutlery. If you can't be bothered to pop round the corner, ask at the bar and they'll give you the phone number and details of how to order.

All in all the Charles is a top contender, easy atmosphere, great real ales. If you are visiting from overseas and want to experience what a real old British pub is like (before we lose them all) this is an absolute must. A hidden gem.


About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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3 Responses to King Charles 1st – best local contender

  1. Aron Cronin says:

    Good to read of this transformation… and the availability of real ales. In the 1980’s this was known as the Gerry Bar (no idea why) and was one of the roughest pubs in Kings Cross area.

  2. Dominic F says:

    The Charles I may not be as women-friendly as you think.
    My wife, 3 week old baby daughter and I went to their festival today. Barman saw us come in and settle at an empty table. I went to the bar to order some drinks and barbecue food. My wife took a scarf out of her bag so she could breastfeed our daughter discreetly in the corner. At that point the barman told her indiscreetly from across the room ‘Do you think that’s appropriate?’. He then told me that they have a no children policy and told us to leave.

  3. Ben Smith says:

    Sophie Talbot – maybe you should come and visit The Charles again for an update on how we saved it from gentrification .£70k-rescue-eclectic-back-street-boozer-king-charles-i

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