Drivers avoid Copenhagen Street closure at York Way causing chaos


Neighbour Michael describes a sorry state of affairs as drivers try to avoid the barricade at York Way by diverting up the parade of shops set back from York Way (see map above or click here) The person to contact is Jonathan Barnes at BAM on 0207 014 9409 – i spoke with him the other week he was helpful. At Islington council it's Barry Lucas via contact islington 02075272000 although Camden is co-ordinating the works.  Argent have a construction helpline 0800 328 8840.  I remember dimly that the road is question might be a private road, which will complicate things.  Sounds like a total horlicks.


Got hold of Barry Lucas at Islington on Friday morning – the road is a private road owned by Islington.  Camden were forewarned that this behaviour would be a problem at the liason meeting – Barry will raise this with Camden straight away.

Neighbour Michael writes:

'Who can be contacted about it to rectify a serious traffic and noise problem.
The road junction at York Way and Copenhagen Street is now closed off with a barrier errected at the road entrance to York Way.
All the traffic is now trying to gain access in both directions via the small slip road in front of the parade of shops. In effect, it has become a one way major narrow substitute road between York Way and Copenhagen Street.

We had this same problem one time before last year.  It was chaos and drivers arguing and nearly fighting each other because neither would reverse back.  It needs some level of control.

Either a No Entry Sign from either York Way or from the Copenhagen Street direction.  Or a set of lights need to be in place also.  But I think drivers would ignore them anyway, sa they do.

Having traffic coming from both directions is causing obstructions, as vehicles race to get in there first to gain access and contol – but traffic meets in the middle of the shop parade, with cars following the front one and it create a confrontation with vehicle drivers. Car drivers naturally hoot their car horns and shout, this happens from 6.30am to 0200hrs in the mornings.'

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6 Responses to Drivers avoid Copenhagen Street closure at York Way causing chaos

  1. Dave says:

    Yesterday a yellow notice came through the door about this work, telling me that disruptions would commence on York Way from the 16th August, and Copenhagen Street from the 4th September.

    It also says “Copenhagen Street will be closed”, but doesn’t clarify whether it’s just the Junction at York Way, a larger portion of the roadway, or the entire street all the way to Liverpool Road.

    Am I being a little picky in asking that information be useful as well as timely?

  2. Tobias Newland says:

    @ Dave No you’re not being picky. This sort of stuff is all about the detail. Its unprofessional of them not to provide that information in the first place without you having to ask for it!

  3. Paul Convery says:

    This also happened several months ago. After a few days it was sorted and traffic was prevented from using the “cut-through”. Some urgent calls have established this is going to be blocked-off by Islington Council – hopefully by Monday morning.

  4. Diana Shelley says:

    Oh dear, the usual sorry state of affairs with contractors! The current cut-through is very dangerous and I’m glad Islington is on the case.
    The lack of timely and accurate information is regrettably standard issue by contractors, so I’d urge people nearest the nuisance to keep on nagging them. All these big contractors (railways, developers etc) are meant to employ professional communications people and sometimes if you can get to them direct they can be trained to provide the kind of information we need, when we need it and delivered in the way we need it. Having said that, I’m still failing on that score with Network Rail, a year after they occupied the Gifford St bank to use as a worksite for the North London Line upgrade (but were surprised to find that people in Gifford St itself expected to to be included in their leaflet drops!)

  5. Dave says:

    Has there been any work about when they’re going to open the junction up again?

  6. stuart cottis says:

    Will – this is a disgrace. Walking down York Way is still a nightmare, especially if like me you then want to walk into Goods Way (because two sections of pavement are unavailable: the section outside the shops near the junction with Copenhagen Street, and the western pavement on the Regents Canal road bridge). The junction at Copenhagen Street has been restored to road traffic but the zebra crossing has not been restored making crossing Copenhagen Street (which is increasingly busy) fairly hazardous for a pedestrian. Do you know who to email to make a proper complaint about this – is it Argent? On another note, Goods Way is equally difficult to navigate as a pedestrian. The only pavement available is on the north side of the road and this is very narrow. Cyclists have also taken to using it as an eastbound cycle way (no doubt due to frustration that Goods Way is only open to westbound road traffic). This is not acceptable to pedestrians. I was shocked that the other day what looked like a senior member of Argent’s management was riding his bike along this footpath. What an example to set!

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