Kings Place Building Festival – September 9 to 12

Arc_ext As King's Place is has a prominent place in our local area the Bulletin Board felt that it would be worthwile in promoting the following up coming event that will be taking place from 9 to 12 September.

Welcome to the third annual Kings Place Festival – a dazzling array of 100 performances over four days. It will give you a taste of the fantastic variety of events this unique venue offers, with its eclectic approach to programming of the highest quality.

Kings Place Festival 2010 is a showcase for the new season, bringing you the very best in classical, contemporary and experimental music, jazz and blues, folk, spoken word and comedy.

You can LISTEN to their Festival Podcast that features interviews with John Crampton, Lore Lixenberg and Phil Venables.

With 45 minute concert tickets for just £4.50 – plus many FREE events – the Festival is a great weekend's entertainment, and it really does offer something for everyone.

The carnival atmosphere carries through to the Festival food and drink – this year will see the launch of Rotunda's Food Market. The Food Market will run from the 10th September to 12th September from 11am in the morning to 7pm at night. The stalls will be situated along the picturesque Battlebridge Basin, which creates the perfect backdrop for your enjoyment. There will be a wonderful mix of stalls, from fresh fruit & vegetables, great breads and confectionary to beef and lamb from our own farm in Northumberland.

The Food Market will show case some of the finest food and drink that King's Places serves with pride in the Rotunda and throughout Green & Fortune. All the stalls are either part of King's Place or run their carefully chosen suppliers that they rust and proudly work alongside.


  • BUTCHER – Using meat from our farm in Matfen

…and of course you can pay a visit to the two art and sculpture galleries that will be exhibiting sculpture from David Bailey and William Pye and art by Anthony Wishaw. At concert level you can find out more about the recent Cape Farewell expedition via photography and video installations.

Multi-buy Offers: Book tickets and save money

To receive the multi-buy offers detailed below, please contact the box office on 020 7520 1490. The discount will be offered on the online price.
3+ events save 10%
6+ events saves 15%
10+ events save 20%
The same number of tickets must be booked for each event to qualify for the discount.

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2 Responses to Kings Place Building Festival – September 9 to 12

  1. Albert Beale says:

    Albert Beale
    5 Caledonian Road
    Kings Cross
    London N1
    (020-7278 4474)

    Hi there

    Before eulogising the concerts on offer at Kings Place, I think you should bear in mind their elitist policy which means that many locals have to pay a mark-up of around 45% on the ticket prices.

    The quoted price, £4.50, is only available for people rich enough to have both a computer and a credit card – and there are plenty of people around Kings Cross who have neither, let alone both.

    If I pitched up at Kings Place trying to pay £4.50 in cash, which is what I’d want to do, I’d be charged an extra £2 as punishment for being so inadequate (financially or technologically) that I couldn’t book over the internet.

    Lots of venues have policies that make you pay more depending on how and where and when you pay, but (however unpleasant some of these policies are), I know of no other venue anywhere in the country which fails to charge the basic price if you go in person to the venue with cash. Everywhere else, that’s the default option that allows you to pay the lowest price – but not at Kings Place. Which rather gives the lie to their protestations about wanting to be part of the local community: they clearly only want to interact with a select part of it. I’d reckon that the residents living around Kings Place must be statistically well below the national average in terms of the proportion of people able to use a computer and who use credit cards.

    Albert Beale

  2. Sophie Talbot says:

    I’d have to agree about the elistism criticism from Albert… I’ve found KP off putting to say the least, to me as a customer and as the trustee of a local charity wanting to work with them on various small initiatives. I started out being fully supportive but, unfortunately not anymore. I’m just hoping that over time they will learn to be more inclusive of the whole local community, not just the bits they want to target for purely short-term commercial reasons.

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