2b York Way – Planning Application P100224: Illuminated Signage, Take-Away, Late Night Trading

Folks the following request for support was just received from one of our neighbours in Regent's Quarter Sean M.  This is a long-standing problem which we have written about previously and it again requires community action if we are going to have any control about our local environment.  Please support Sean's request:

Hi neighbours,

You can help! (And it won't take long)

I doubt anyone reading this wants to discourage local business and people making a living. However, what I believe we also want are businesses that act responsibly and do not have a negative impact on the rest of the community.

Passing the grot spot of McDonalds corner last Thursday at around 23:00 we witnessed a couple of street drinkers on the pavement and two guys doing a deal by the adult book store – how will another late-night take-away help deal with this?

Given that this has been dragging on for nearly a year, I wanted to bring you up to date on the application for a change of use by the Kebab shop at 2 York Way. (Next to McD's)

Licensing was granted to the former leaseholders of the premises for use as a cafe – Cafe Sorisso which I don't think anybody objected to, with trading permitted until 23.00. The kebab shop took over the lease and has been trading in takeaway foods even though the license does not permit this and have also been flagrantly ignoring the restriction to cease trading at 23.00.

It also installed ugly, illuminated signage in a conservation area which we have managed to get switched off.

The kebab shop has applied to the council for a change of use and have repeatedly submitted incomplete or incorrect documentation. This has prolonged the time they have why they try and 'regularise' their unapproved trading. However the council have now finally received all the required paperwork and have set a deadline decision date of 12 October.

We're running out of time to object! If you haven't already done so, can you please submit an objection to: planning@islington.gov.uk

The grounds that we have objected to are set out below and may help if you feel the same way:

a) Illuminated signs are not in keeping with the character of the building or the adjoining frontages on York Way and will have an adverse impact on the adjacent conservation area.

b) Any changes in Class of Usage, (to takeaway hot foods) will result in high incidence of litter, detritus and encourage people to eat foods in open space, outside doorways of residential accommodation on York Way thereby reducing the amenity of local residents; and will diminish the quality of public realm on York Way and by creating a poor quality of environment adjacent to the Regent's Quarter and in the vicinity of Kings Cross station and the proposed station square.

c) The proposed hours of operation will cause disturbance late at night to nearby residential neighbours from arrival and departure of customers.

d) Inadequate venting of food cooking, particularly fried and grilled meats will cause nuisance and loss of amenity.

Full details of the Planning Application P100224 can be seen here.

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7 Responses to 2b York Way – Planning Application P100224: Illuminated Signage, Take-Away, Late Night Trading

  1. Andrew says:

    I was walking past last weekend and it looked like the shop was being refitted. I peered through the whiteout paint and it looked like the big extractors had been removed. Anyone else seen this?

  2. Sean Murray says:

    Yes we have seen but we do not know if…

    a) the shop is trying to be a better, more appropriate business (They are aware of community concerns)

    b) they are jumping ahead of planning decision and assuming they are getting approval 😦

    c) They are new leaseholders

  3. Sean Murray says:

    and an interesting and annoying tweet from BBC weatherman Alex Deakin outside McD’s a few minutes ago : It’s no wonder people dislike London if this dump is most peoples first impression

    Islington planning are you listening!!!

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi, I have gone past again since and it looks as if it is a reorg of the shop so the extractor fans are not the most prominent item of window dressing, and now there are a couple of tables at the front of the shop. Still doesn’t fix the problem that they are serving hot takeaways, and they have ruined the appearance of the shop with the plastic sign above the shop and in-window flashing signs.

    Alex sent two messages from the corner….the one you mention above and…..”Kings cross is a poop hole – in mcds surrounded by “characters” but on the plus side the mars thick shake is the daddy”

  5. Paul Convery says:

    Local Councillors are objecting to this application and we shall vigorously oppose it when it goes to the planning committee. We triggered the enforcement action several months ago … and that’s why the operators have been required to submit this application. It’s the first stage of the enforcement process to “test” whether an unpermitted use might be acceptable. However, if the application is refused (and the objection grounds are very strong) then the enforcement people will serve notice to close them down. There’s a due process that has to be followed and, frustrating as this is, we just have to follow it.

  6. sophie talbot says:

    Once again, thanks Paul – you are such a positive model of local democracy in action, more power to your elbow

  7. Andrew says:

    Hi, I note that the cafe is closed, and there is a notice in the window about a liquor licence….is this place now going to open as a bar?? Does anyone know??

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