Another one bites the dust on the KX gyratory

Junction-crash-2 Just 20 minutes ago witnesses on the scene standing at the very end of York Way facing this collision in the middle of the orange box between Gray's Inn Rd, York Way and Pentonville Road, including a long-time resident from Argyle St said, "The silver car was coming from Euston Road going east. They didn't know what hit them, the guy is still in there, probably shocked. The police car came from nowhere going too fast, he didn't have a blue light on or nothing."

Junction-crash-1  Difficult to tell from the pictures, but whatever happened, it's yet another incident on the gyratory – a road system that needs to be scrapped right now. A hangover from the 70s that TfL won't let go. How many more incidents like this do we have face, witness or to come home to?

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Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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9 Responses to Another one bites the dust on the KX gyratory

  1. Leah Dixon says:

    My daughter and I were nearly run over (literally) by a truck doing an illegal right turn here. Even 3 years later she will not go over that road on her own to see her friends. There needs to be heavy penalties for cars racing through red lights and turning illegally. What about speed bumps and a 20pmh zone? Save our kids and our community!

  2. Ian says:

    I have seen cars make that illegal right turn many times, when pedestrians have the green light to cross. The crossing at the bottom of York Way is a nightmare. Far too many people for a poorly designed, inadequate crossing, with never enough time for them all to cross. Taxis stop all the time for drop offs, where it is clear it is not a drop off point, congesting and blocking everything. Pedestrians, who are in the majority, are at the bottom of the heap in the war for access and use of space. It is a disgrace to spend so much money on the station and the area, while completely ignoring the one group that is supposed to use it – people. It appears buildings, cars and money are the only consideration of the remote architects and planners who probably think that people are a bit of a nuisance to their grandiose schemes which, typically, fail to involve real people or think about their needs.

  3. Tobias Newland says:

    Where was the police car coming from?

  4. Sophie Talbot says:

    The police car was coming from Gray’s Inn Road. I don’t know what the status of the lights was…

  5. Sophie Talbot says:

    Statement from the Met:

    On Friday 27 August at approximately 22:45hours a police car was responding to an emergency call when it was in a collision with another car.

    The police car had its emergency equipment on as it travelled along Grays Inn Road through the junction with Pentonville Road and Euston Road. The other car had been driving along Euston Road towards Pentonville Road when the two cars collided.

    A PC sustained a minor head wound which was treated at UCH, and he has since been released. No one else was injured.

    As is standard procedure, this is subject to an internal investigation by the Police Driving Standards Unit, in conjunction with the Crown Prosecution Service.

  6. Indy Datta says:

    Would be interesting to know if anyone out there has come up with a pln to replace the gyratory which is one of the things really holding our neighbourhood back, turning the top of the King’s Cross Road into a people-unfriendly race track.

  7. Andrew says:

    Hi, I have been in discussions with Islington, Camden and TfL on the option for two way York Way, which I think is an ideal start to removing the gyratory and timely since they are looking at improving York Way anyway.

    The most recent response from TfL is that two way York Way was considered and rejected due to the following reasons:
    1. Journey time for pedestrians at junction of Euston Road/York Way would be increased
    2. Reduction in footway width on the southern side of Euston Road
    3. Precludes the proposed widening of the narrow footway on the western footway of York Way
    4. Requires removal of loading box on eastern side of York Way
    5. Requires removal of taxi drop off facility on the western side of York Way

    I will see if TfL are OK with me posting the entire email here.

  8. william perrin says:

    Andrew – fascinating stuff – all those are very weak arguments from TfL

  9. Andrew says:

    OK, here are the full reasons behind not progressing two way York Way (below).

    I also asked for a copy of the business case, which was refused. I would like to have seen if the points TfL raise below would have been outweighed by the benefits to commercial premises on York Way, retailers on lower Caledonian Road, pedestrians and cyclists on Wharfdale Road and lower Caledonian Road as well as residents on Wharfdale Road and lower Caledonian Road, and not to ignore the benefits that would come from this first step in getting rid of the KX gyratory! I suspect these benefits were all ignored.

    1.Journey time for pedestrians at junction of Euston Road/York Way

    The pedestrian journey time analysis indicated that the Revised Option 2A would cause significant delays for pedestrians crossing from the north of Euston Road outside Kings Cross station to the south of Euston Road (over 81 seconds longer than the existing situation). This delay is a result of the need to accommodate the southbound movement from York Way.

    2. Reduction in footway width on the southern side of Euston Road

    The layout of Revised Option 2A includes a staggered pedestrian crossing across the western arm of the Euston Road/York Way junction. In order to accommodate this staggered crossing, the central reserve would need to be widened. Therefore, to maintain to current number of lanes on Euston Road, the southern footway of Euston Road between Birkenhead Street and Crestfield Street would need to be reduced to around 2.7m. This is not considered to be acceptable in an area of such high pedestrian activity.

    3. Precludes the proposed widening of the narrow footway on the western footway of York Way

    Camden Council are developing proposals to improve the urban realm along York Way. These proposals are funded by a development contribution from Network Rail. These proposals include widening the western footway of York Way, which is currently sub-standard width. I understand that these proposals will be put forward for public consultation shortly. Revised Option 2A may require the western footway to be reduced.

    4. Requires removal of loading box on eastern side of York Way

    There is currently a loading box on the eastern side of York Way just to the north of the junction with Euston Road, which serves the units on York Way and Pentonville Road. In order to accommodate the southbound traffic on York Way in Revised Option 2A, this loading bay would need to be removed. No suitable alternative locations for this loading bay have been identified in the vicinity.

    5. Requires removal of taxi drop off facility on the western side of York Way

    Taxis currently set-down on the western side of York Way just to the north of Euston Road. Revised Option 2A would necessitate the removal of this facility in order to accommodate three traffic lanes on York Way.
    Again, no suitable alternative location in the vicinity has been identified.

    Given the issues outlined above, it is considered that the proposal to introduce two-way working on York Way has insufficient merit to be taken forward. The Mayor has also written to Islington Council, outlining the reasons for not progressing with two-way working on York Way.

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