We've received a couple of posts stating that this site is:

1. Politically biased

2. Censoring comments

To clarify… 

The Article here headed "Bridging the Kings Cross Divides" addresses the physical and political divides we face here. It does not take a view about which party is preferable, it takes the view that having the same party in control of Camden and Islington may result in the easing of cross-borough working arrangements which is likely to be of benefit to King's Cross as it is split between the two boroughs.

There is no censorship of comments on this site. If you do post a comment to any article that appears here, please be patient. Your comments will appear, it might take a little while though. This is because all the contributors here are volunteers. They do not work full time monitoring comments, hence there may well be a delay – and that might be several days – before your comment is published.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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2 Responses to Clarification…

  1. Geoff Williams says:

    I disagree – I have had comments ‘ignored’ or censored in the past when openly critical of the Labour controlled West Area Planning Committee….

  2. Sophie Talbot says:

    That’s worrying Geoff. Would you provide details so that we can identify what went wrong there…. Many thanks!

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