How can we bring these works to King’s Cross?

Bob-Farquhar-006  I just had an email from Josie O'Rourke. She discovered the reclusive artist, Bob Farquar (pictured), down in East Sussex and has recently exhibited his work down there. He's an ex-offender who spent a while on the run here in King's Cross. He painted a series on our local sex workers which by all reports are fantastic paintings and an important document of our local history, recently covered in The Guardian.

Josie is keen to find a way of exhibiting his works here. Can anyone help? Contact me and I'll put you in touch with her.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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5 Responses to How can we bring these works to King’s Cross?

  1. Claire M says:

    Not sure if there is a connection, however the Breakout cafe, opposite Pentonville nick displays artwork created by prisoners. Maybe worth exploring something with them?

  2. ANGELA COBB says:

    I was fortunate enough to attend Bob Farquar’s art exhibition in Hastings and was so impressed by his work every painting seemed to tell the story of the life of this incredible man from his time behind bars to his time in Kings cross where he lived amongst the working girls. His work needs to be seen and appreciated a much larger audience and it would be fantastic if he had the chance to exhibit at Kings cross with all its memories.PLEASE if anyone can help they will not be disappointed TRUELY AMAZING

  3. Liz Honey says:

    I saw this exhibition and I highly recommend that Kings Cross doesn’t miss out on an opportunity to exhibit Bob’s work. I was so impressed that I have invited him to exhibit, as guest of the organisers, at the Battle Contemporary Fine Art Fair in September. This work must be seen and well done Josie for rediscovering Bob’s talent and encouraging him back to the art world. Bob has already rocked Hastings, come on Kings Cross!

  4. Amanda-Jane Meowington Wright says:

    I also attended this exhibition. The work was truly brilliant and Bob’s story was inspiring. King’s Cross should indeed take the chance to exhibit his work. well done Bob, and “Meals on wheels” lady! 🙂

  5. Keith Rodway says:

    I saw the exhibition today and was fascinated by the paintings and by Bob Farquhar’s extraordinary story. Josie O’Rourke has done an amazing job of bringing this very special man back into the public eye after years of living in obscurity. Like it or not, the Kings Cross girls are part of the heritage of an iconic area of London, and their story needs to be told, too. Bob’s work is tender and uncompromising in equal measure, and his work should be exhibited in the place where it was created.

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