Old Eagle Pub 427 Caledonian Road – reopening applying for extended hours

Oldeagle There's an old pub on the Caledonian Road opposite Pentonville Prison on the corner of Brewery Road that used to be called the Eagle (427 Caledonian Road London N7 9BG).  It went bust and is now being reopened. They have applied for extended hours, quite late on a Friday and Saturday until 2am and until 0100 on Monday morning. If you wish to comment mail  dominic.ping@islington.gov.uk or licensing@islington.gov.uk by 14 July.

A local resident who llives oposite the pub has contacted the site to say:

The Eagle pub on the Cally, has applied for a license for extended opening hours and music licence – til 1am – Sundays, Midnight – Tues to Thurs, and 2am Fridays and Saturdays.  The letter sent by the council didn’t reach me (I live in Carrick House, which is the block directly opposite the pub).

Don’t think that this is appropriate, this is a quiet part of the Cally, largely residential with some retail/offices.  If the pub is granted these hours, residents sleep is likely to be disturbed.  The pub has no facility for outside smokers, other than the street.

The deadline to make representations is 14 July, and they can be made directly to the Islington licensing officer, Dominic Ping (dominic.ping@islington.gov.uk or licensing@islington.gov.uk)….

During the time that it was open previously it was very noisy with people spilling out onto the pavement to smoke and being noisy-drunk hanging about the street, I was about to complain about it shortly before it closed.  It was called the Eagle then.

The hours seem excessive for a pub that's fairly remote from areas that are 'destinations' for people seeking late night entertainment so it represents a change in character to the location.

There are plenty of families and older people in the immediate neighbourhood who I think unlikely to want this kind of amenity (pity it couldn't have sought normal hours as a 'local' – I suspect it may be aiming at the student halls of residence near the Caledonian Tube station).

The Islington Council website makes me want to weep sometimes – i can't link direct to the application for you.  The applicant is the anonymous special purpose company ITH2 Limited registered at the premisis address.  The licensing system is supposed to be responsive to residents concerns so let them know.

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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4 Responses to Old Eagle Pub 427 Caledonian Road – reopening applying for extended hours

  1. Claire M says:

    According to the declaration made to companies house, the person who is registered as director is a student.

  2. Paul Convery says:

    I have submitted the following objection and will attend the licensing committee to oppose the application:

    “I wish to register an objection to this address being granted an extended music licence and opening hours serving alcohol until 2am Fridays and Saturdays; to Midnight Tues-Thurs and until 1am on Sundays. I believe the hours sought are excessive and will cause harm to the locality and to neighbouring residents.

    “Firstly, there is a high risk of crime and disorder. The pub is located on a thoroughfare and I believe the clientele likely to be attracted will not be drawn from the permanent population in the locality. They will have little regard for good order and I fear will be likely to be drunk and behave in a disorderly fashion. I believe that the applicant has a business model which relies on a clientele aged in their early twenties and that initial market testing for this bar has been aimed at the substantial student population concentrated in purpose-built student housing that exists or is currently being constructed on Caledonian Road and Market Road.

    “Nearing completion is James Leicester Hall, 34 Market Road (which is being expanded from 220 to almost 600 bedrooms). Already built is Piccadilly Court at 457-463 Caledonian Road which has 209 rooms. An Inspector will shortly hear an appeal against the Council’s refusal to grant planning permission for another 360 new student rooms at 465 Caledonian Road. With this current and potential level of student accommodation I believe there is a risk of public nuisance arising from a pub that targets a young student or recently graduated clientele.

    “Secondly, there is a risk of public nuisance. These premises are located opposite the Caledonian Estate which is a dense housing estate of predominantly social rented tenure. A very high proportion of homes on the estate are families with young children and these residents are certain to experience noise and disturbance from people departing the pub and – most particularly – from people standing outside on the street to smoke. The applicant says that “doors and windows will be kept closed at times of entertainment” but there is no assurance given that, for example, air conditioning or sound proof ventilation has been installed that would obviate the temptation (or even the necessity) to open windows during warm weather.

    “Finally, I am very concerned that the applicant is not fit to manage a licensed premise. The limited company which has made this application does not substantively exist or have a trading record. I am told that a Companies House search reveals that the sole Director of the company has listed his occupation as “student”. I believe the Council should have serious doubts as to the credibility, capacity and competence of the applicant to run a pub licensed for alcohol and music.

    “This is underlined by the applicant’s alarming naiveté in misunderstanding the difference between the Metropolitan Police and the British Transport Police. The applicant asserts that there is a police station “situated 20 metres across the road”. This is a misleading statement. The BTP has a divisional facility and prisoner holding centre in the near vicinity. This is quite different to there being a Metropolitan Police operational police station. The BTP do not ordinarily deploy officers to deal with anti-social behaviour or public order problems related to licensed premises no matter how closely located one of their facilities is to a place where officers might be required.

  3. Claire M says:

    Hi – this will be decided on Monday 2 August at 4pm at Islington Town Hall, this is an opportunity to influence the decision (licensing committee meeting). If you want to go, it’s best to let the licensing team know beforehand (dominic.ping@islington.gov.uk or licensing@islington.gov.uk)

  4. thomas says:

    killjoys. you have condemed yet another pub, which i will remind you are closing at a rate of 40 per week.

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