Clip_image002 The following was received from Lisa Tang, our local neighbour:

Islington is hosting the first Darwin Trail in London.

Caledonian Park is about to see the launch of a Darwin Trail, the first of its kind in London.

Follow the ten slate markers around the park to see how Charles Darwin's work can be linked to the nature found in Caledonian Park. The trail shows how Darwin's work is still with us today and helps us to understand the importance of urban ecology, wildlife habitats and biodiversity to the world we live in.  A leaflet and map will also be available.

The trail will be launched on Tuesday 6th July at 4pm by Randal Keynes, great-great grandson of Charles Darwin, scholar of his work and Islington resident. All are welcome.

The Darwin Trail at Caledonian Park is a Darwin-inspired project delivered in partnership between Islington non-profit organisation The Garden Classroom and The Charles Darwin Trust with support and funding from Islington Council.  Many thanks to the Caledonian Park Users Group for help with this project.

There are a number of Darwin Trails around the world – across South America, in Cabo Verde and in the Azores in the Atlantic, in the Galapagos in the Pacific, in Australia, and in South Africa.  Intended for use by schools and for the general visitor, these are currently all at different stages of development. The Charles Darwin Trust (info@charlesdarwintrust.org) will provide specific information on request.

To download a leaflet with more information on this trail after 6th July please visit www.thegardenclassroom.org.uk.

Jeremy Barlow, great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin:

I've known Islington for nearly half a century and I'm sure the Darwin Trail will greatly enhance the residents' awareness of the natural world and will also inspire future generations of scientists. My great-great-grandfather would be delighted.

PRESS ENQUIRIES C/O MARNIE ROSE AT THE GARDEN CLASSROOM TEL: 07974 353148 EMAIL marnie@thegardenclassroom.org.uk Download poster: Download Darwin Trail Poster

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