Transition in King’s Cross – An event of possible interest at The Hub


The Hub at 34B York Way is hosting an event of possible interest to local individuals and groups.

Some individuals and organisations in the Kings Cross area are planning to start a local transition group to see what action they can take toward reducing the community’s carbon emissions by energy transition away from fossil fuels.  Come and join the likes of Alara, Create KX, Get More Local, Hub Kings Cross, Argent and others, to see what we can do.

Attendance is free but RSVP requested so The Hub can prepare for the right numbers.  If you’re interested in attending email them at:

Specifically general aims of the group will be as follows:

The plan is that Transition Kings Cross will use the processes developed in the many transition initiatives to:

  • Work to raise awareness in Kings Cross around peak oil and climate change and assess the desire to undertake a community lead process to rebuild resilience and reduce carbon in the area

  • Connect with existing groups in the Kings Cross community to understand how we can support each other

  • Build bridges with both Camden and Islington council connect with other transition initiatives in the area, especially in Camden

  • Form groups to work at some key areas of life such as food, energy, transport, health, heart & soul, economics and jobs

  • Develop projects aimed at building people’s understanding of resilience, carbon issues and community engagement plan a community defined and community implemented “Energy Transition Action Plan” over a 15 to 20 year timescale

The initial meeting at the Hub on 7th June is to see if there is a group of people who live/work at Kings Cross who want to be involved with this.

Best wishes

Alex Smith

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1 Response to Transition in King’s Cross – An event of possible interest at The Hub

  1. I attended this event in June – is anyone interested in following it up?

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