Revision to Planning Application will open way for another late-night liquor license application – 9 Caledonian Road

Drink_shop_doAs those of you who read the Bulletin Board may remember the parties hoping to lease the empty premises at 9 Caledonian Road have recent submitted a Licensing Application for a Late-Night Premises License for an establishment to be known as Drink, Shop & Do Ltd.  The shop (bar?) is seeking to permit the sale of alcohol between:

11:00 and 00:00 on Mondays to Wednesdays
11:00 and 01:00 on Thursdays
11:00 and 02:00 on Fridays and Saturdays
11:00 and 23:00 on Sundays

As there already is a pre-existing Planning Condition that has been imposed on these premises from the original application (P081971), a new Planning Application that seeks to remove this earlier Condition should the above Licensing Application be successful has now been submitted.  The new Planning Application is P100625 and the prior Condition it seeks to amend is:

CONDITION (EN02): Hours Limited Specified Days – The ground floor cafe/restaurant use shall not operate except between 0800 hours and 2330 hours Monday-Saturday and 0900 hours and 2300 hours on Sundays. REASON: To ensure that the proposed development does not prejudice the enjoyment by neighbouring occupiers of their premises.

Considering the number of "late-night premises" licenses that have already been granted in this small stretch of Caledonian Road, readers might feel enough is enough.  If you do, and haven't yet objected to the Licensing Application, you can still do so by sending an email to the Licensing Team (to the attention of Dominic Ping).  Your comment should state the name and address of the premises named in the application (Drink, Shop, Do, Ltd, 9 Caledonian Road).  You comments should refer to one or more of the licensing objectives, i.e:

·  the prevention of crime and disorder
·  the protection of children from harm
·  public safety
·  the prevention of public nuisance

You can also comment to Islington's Planning department on whether or not you feel the Condition detailed above and originally imposed by Planning on these premises should be scrapped by clicking here.

Frankly when you read the original Condition imposed, it seems that it was put there specifically to prevent any late-night activities from happening at these premises.  The fact that this Planning Application is being submitted to support another Licensing Application FOR just such an activity is hardly a reason to grant any modifications!

This writer will be objecting to both situations with the caveat that if the Licensing Application is reduced to be consistent with the original Planning Application (no service after 2300 all nights) all objections will be withdrawn.

Please remember that the character of your neighbourhood depend on YOUR involvement.  So please let your comments be heard by the Council.

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2 Responses to Revision to Planning Application will open way for another late-night liquor license application – 9 Caledonian Road

  1. Kyle Buchanan says:

    I wanted to respond to your post about the liquor licence for “Drink Shop Do”. I think the article is misleading in the way it presents the project.

    The bar/cafe was opened as a pop-up shop for 3 weekends at the end of last year, and after seeing a post about it on the KCLE blog I went down to investigate. I was very impressed with what I found, a kind of shop/cafe/bar, that was not about drunken binge drinking but about people sitting round talking and enjoying a quality drink. What most impressed me was that people behind the project had organised a series of activities in the shop – when I was there it was clay modelling. There was a great atmosphere in the place, and because we were all engaged in a communal activity everyone was talking to each other. We met loads of people and had a fantastic evening.

    I think establishments like this are exactly what Kings Cross needs. They encourage responsible drinking, but more than that encourage people to engage with each other to talk to each other, something that is all to rare. The pub used to be a place where people met – a centre for the community – this function has gradually fallen away, however projects like the Drink Shop Do are reversing this trend.

    Their website from the ‘pop-up shop’ can be found here:

    Ultimately I believe they are two people trying to start up a very positive and interesting venue, that would be a great addition to the area, and I think they should be encouraged in their venture, and deserve our support.


    Kyle Buchanan

  2. Paul Convery says:

    I thought I should add that the license application will be heard tomorrow Tuesday 8th June at 4pm at the Town Hall. I do not yet know what is the status of the parallel planning application for change of use. Both permissions are required before the business should start trading.

    I am fairly relaxed about the activity proposed. The business when it was “rehearsed” at Xmas last seemed to go down quite well. I am not aware of any difficulties with the (then) opening hours.

    However, I am acutely conscious that the hours of opening now sought are quite late. There is residential accomodation directly above the premises and I think that neighbour amenity should be a prime concern in any decision to grant either a license or to permit a change of planning use and the operational hours sought.

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